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corona virus in world: Covid19: US hospitals full, trials to double – corona virus in world: us, china, pakistan

corona virus in world: Covid19: US hospitals full, trials to double – corona virus in world: us, china, pakistan


  • An increase in the number of hospital admissions in the United States
  • The administration launched a campaign to prevent corona infection
  • Increased restrictions in China and Pakistan

News Agency, Washington

The number of coronary heart disease patients admitted to hospitals in the United States rose to a record on Wednesday. Medical sources said that 151,161 people were admitted to various places due to Omicron infection.

In 19 states in the country, only 15 per cent beds are left in the intensive care units. Kentucky, Alabama, Indiana, New Hampshire, etc. have the highest number of patients. The situation is also critical in Arizona, Georgia, Mississippi, New Mexico and Texas.

The tests will be doubled

President Joe Biden announced on Thursday that he would double the number of free home trials in the United States. One billion tests will now be conducted in the country. In addition, N95 masks will be distributed. Biden said the administration has launched a campaign to prevent corona infection, which includes a number of other measures. It also includes the deployment of military doctors.

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China tightens sanctions

Coronation restrictions have been tightened in the city and across the country in the wake of the Winter Olympics. The move by the Chinese government is expected to increase the risk of infection. Restrictions have been placed on children’s schools, senior citizens’ travel, air travel, etc. In addition, orders have been issued to increase the number of tests.

Aircraft ban in Hong Kong

Flights from 150 countries have been banned at Hong Kong International Airport. Sources said that this step was taken to prevent infection. In the last 21 days, citizens of US, UK and other countries have been informed about this.

The height of the victims

The Philippines set a record for daily disruptions on Friday. A total of 37,207 new infections were reported. As a result, the total number of active patients has increased to 2,65,509. This does not include findings from eight laboratories. Transportation in cities is also expected to be restricted.

Lockdown possible in Sindh

Lockdown is likely in Sindh province. The local administration has closed schools and instructed other organizations to close down. The administration says the decision has to be made as the number of patients continues to rise.

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