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  • On Friday, Quebec announced 1,288 Hospitalized (27 less than the previous day), including 36 in intensive care (seven less than the previous day).
  • The province has registered 590 New cases of COVID-19 and 10 deaths.
  • Since the onset of the epidemic, there have been 1,064,331 Confirmed cases and 15,400 deaths.
  • The province also reported 4,039 Health workers did not come for Govt-related reasons.
  • 91 percent of the eligible population in the province (five years of age and older) have received at least one dose of the vaccine; 55 percent received the third dose and 14 percent received the fourth dose.

* New cases are reported only to the Quebec government. Because of the low use of PCR tests and home testing kits, they are believed to be less representative of the spread of the virus.

* Quebec’s Ministry of Health will no longer report Govt-19 numbers over the weekend.

Medical experts warn that more Canadians may experience delayed diagnosis of cancer in the coming years, predicting a crisis linked to the current COVID-19 epidemic.

“We expect more advanced level presentations over the next two years, as well as impacts on cancer treatments,” said Dr. Timothy Hanna, a medical scientist and oncologist at the Institute of Cancer Research at Queen’s University in Ont, Kingston.

A review of Ontario’s breast, lung, colon and cervical cancer screening programs shows that in 2020, 41 percent – or more than 951,000 – less screening tests were performed than the previous year.

Screening volumes increased again after May 2020, but were still 20 percent lower compared to pre-infectious stages.

CAQ Congress

The COVID-19 epidemic is not expected to be discussed at the Coalition Avenir Quebec (CAQ) conference this weekend.

Ahead of this fall provincial election, the party is meeting in Drummondville for two days. However, there is no resolution in the table regarding the government’s response to COVID-19, the continued difficulty of epidemics in the health network or geriatric care in the province.

More than 15,000 people have died since the onset of the COVID-19 epidemic, many of them elderly people living in long-term care homes in the province.

Ahead of the provincial elections this fall, Congress will be the last major gathering of the Premier Franois Legold Party.

The company says the vaccine is effective for children under 5 years of age

The company announced this week that three doses of Pfizer-BioNTech’s COVID-19 vaccine provide strong protection for children under the age of five.

Only children under the age of five are not yet eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine in Quebec. Currently, Health Canada has not yet approved any mRNA Covit-19 vaccine for those ages.

Pfizer told CBC News on Monday morning that Health was discussing with Canada whether to vaccinate children under the age of five, but could not comment on the deadline.

Moderna has already confirmed that it will submit to Health Canada for approval of the COVID-19 vaccine for children under the age of six.

Top Govt-19 News

What are the symptoms of Covit-19?

  • Fever.
  • Fresh or bad cough.
  • Difficulty breathing.
  • Sudden loss of smell without nasal congestion.
  • Gastrointestinal problems (nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, etc.).
  • throat pain
  • Common muscle pain.
  • Headache.
  • Fatigue.
  • Anorexia.

Information on Govt-19 in the province can be found here and information on the situation in Montreal can be found here.