Crab stuck in woman’s ear while snorkeling Pro-IQRA

Social media users were stunned to see a viral video of a crab being pulled out of a woman’s ear.

A foreign news agency reported that this horrific incident took place in Puerto Rico. The sea creature made its way into the woman’s ear while she was snorkeling.

A TikTok user named ‘@wesdaisy’ shared a video in which a crab is being pulled out of a woman’s ear.

The video of the crab being pulled out of his ear left people stunned and bewildered. There were netizens who called it their worst fear.

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The woman requested adventure seekers to wear earplugs during such expeditions. However, this incident did not stop her from indulging in adventure activities as she went for kayaking the next day.

Earlier in China, a doctor removed cockroaches and eggs from a man’s ear.

The patient came to the hospital with complaints of bruising and severe pain and discomfort inside the right ear.

Health officials said the tiny insects and their mother were removed from inside the ear through tweezers.

He said the patient had suffered minor injuries and was discharged on the same day with ointment and cream.