Dad killed innocent son because of Tantra Kriya. Dad killed innocent son because of Tantra Kriya | Pro IQRA News

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GwaliorPublished: September 6, 2023 12:32:00

Beaten to death on the wall in front of the wife and mother, the forensic team examined and collected evidence of murder from the scene

Dad killed innocent son because of Tantra Kriya

Dad killed innocent son because of Tantra Kriya

Pithampur / Dhar. There was bloodshed in Ghatabillaud on Tuesday afternoon. Due to tantric activities, a father killed his two-year-old son with parts of his heart. The accused’s wife and his mother kept pleading for mercy, but the father’s heart did not budge. Before his eyes, the ruthless father closed the door to the room and mercilessly beat the innocent son to death. The son’s mother immediately informed the police about the incident. The police reached the spot by cutting the door of the room and entered. But then the accused had executed the innocent. The forensic team that reached the spot collected evidence of the murder and arrested the accused father.
Started doing tantric activities in the room
According to the information provided by the police, accused father Umesh Parihar, father Bhagwandas Parihar, resident of Chandan Nagar Colony under Ghatabillaud Chowki, used to perform tantric rituals in his house. He lived for a long time in Ujjain. On Tuesday, accused Umesh came home and started doing tantric activities in the room. His wife and mother opposed this. The accused father Umesh, angry at this, took his two-year-old son Bhim with him and locked the room. Furious with anger, the father began beating his son Bhim mercilessly. Hearing Masoot’s screams, both wife and mother started knocking on the door and pleading to leave their son Bhima. Even after listening to mother’s affection and seeing grandmother’s tears, the accused father’s heart did not sweat. Father Umesh beat his son to death by hitting him against the wall.