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Dainik Bhaskar news headlines; PM Modi and Congress Arvind Kejriwal ED Case, Harda Factory Blast | Morning News Brief: Uttarakhand first state to pass UCC bill; Bumrah number-1 test bowler; Modi said – “Yuvraj” startup is not coming Pi News


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  • Dainik Bhaskar news headlines; PM Modi and Congress | Arvind Kejriwal ED Case, Harda Factory Blast

4 days agoBy Shubhendu Pratap Bhumandal, News Brief Editor

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The biggest news yesterday was the Uniform Civil Code Bill passed in the Uttarakhand Assembly. One of the news was about the ICC Test rankings where an Indian bowler was ranked No. 1 for the first time.


But before tomorrow’s big news, it’s worth catching up on today’s highlights…

  1. Prime Minister Modi addresses the 150th birth anniversary of spiritual guru Srila Prabhupada at the Bharat Mandapam in Delhi.
  2. The ruling Left Democratic Front led by Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan protests against the central government at Jantar Mantar in Delhi.
  3. Provincial elections are held in Pakistan along with general elections. Results can come overnight. There are 12.8 million voters in Pakistan who vote through ballot papers.

Now for tomorrow’s big news…

1. UCC Bill passed in Uttarakhand, says CM Dhami – Prime Minister’s vision of ‘One India – Best India’ will come true.

After the UCC Bill was passed, MLAs gave sweets to CM Pushkar Singh Dhami in the assembly.

After the UCC Bill was passed, MLAs gave sweets to CM Pushkar Singh Dhami in the assembly.

The UCC i.e. Uniform Civil Code Bill was passed in the Uttarakhand Assembly by voice vote. With this, Uttarakhand became the first state to pass the Uniform Civil Code Bill. After passing the bill, CM Dhami said, “Today is a special day for Uttarakhand. Prime Minister Modi’s vision of a better India will come true.

The BJP had promised during the assembly elections: CM Dhami had introduced the bill on February 6. This bill will become law after the approval of the governor. BJP had promised to bring UCC in 2022 assembly elections.

What will change after the implementation of the law: With the implementation of this bill, people who live in the place of residence will have to register. Failure to do so may result in penalties. In addition, both the son and the daughter will have equal rights in the property. After a person dies, the property is divided equally between the spouse and the children. Husband and wife divorce only when they have the same grounds and reasons.
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2. Modi said – Congress has made Yuvraj a start-up which is not taking off or running.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi delivered a 90-minute speech on the President’s address in the Rajya Sabha. Modi said the Congress had given him its crown prince by launching it. Neither uploading nor initializing. Propaganda is being carried out that PSUs are closed. In 2014, there were 234 PSUs in the country, today their number has reached 254. In fact, Rahul Gandhi had accused the central government of shutting down state-owned companies.
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3. The name of Sharad group party is NCP Sharadchandra Pawar, the commission is yet to specify

Posters were put up outside the NCP office in Mumbai.  It is written - The sign is yours, the father is ours.

Posters were put up outside the NCP office in Mumbai. It is written – The sign is yours, the father is ours.

Sharad Pawar faction’s NCP is now known by a new name. The Election Commission named him as ‘NCP Sharadchandra Pawar’. The Sharad Pawar faction had sent a proposal to the Election Commission with three names and three symbols. However, the party symbol is yet to be allocated. Party symbols include the banyan tree, the rising sun, and the cup plate. It is believed that the “banyan tree” can be a symbol of the party.

Sharad group contests Rajya Sabha elections with new name: On February 6, the Election Commission declared Ajit Pawar’s faction as the real NCP. After conducting 10 hearings in 6 months, the Commission gave Ghadi Ajit’s faction a party name and electoral symbol. Following this decision, the Sharad Pawar faction was given a deadline of 4 pm on Wednesday to submit three names. The Commission had said that if the names were not provided, then one should participate in the elections as an independent candidate. However, the Sharad faction will now contest the Rajya Sabha elections under a new name.
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4. Bumrah is the first Indian pacer to become the number 1 Test batsman, with Ashwin taking the third spot.

Jasprit Bumrah has become the number 1 bowler in the ICC Test bowlers rankings. Kagiso Rabada of South Africa is second and Ravichandran Ashwin is third. Bumrah became the first Indian pacer to be ranked No. 1 in Tests.

Kapil Dev Ranked Second in Test: Earlier, from December 1979 to February 1980, Kapil Dev was second in the highest Test rankings. Meanwhile, Zaheer Khan was also at number 3 in October-November 2010.

The first Indian number 1 in all three formats: Bumrah became the number one Indian bowler in all three formats. It has topped the other two formats as well. Bumrah is currently ranked sixth in the ODI bowlers rankings and 100th in the T20 bowlers rankings.
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5. Target killing in Srinagar; Terrorists shot dead two youths from Punjab
Terrorists carried out targeted killings in Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir. Two youths of Sikh community were shot dead in Khabba Kadal area. Amrit Pal (31), a resident of Amritsar, died on the spot. Rohit (25) of Amritsar was shot in the left side of the abdomen and is undergoing treatment.

First attack of the year on a non-Kashmiri: This is the first terror attack against a non-Kashmiri this year in Jammu and Kashmir. Last year, terrorists carried out several attacks on non-Kashmiri workers in Anantnag and Shopian. On May 30, 2023, a man working at a circus in Udhampur was shot dead in Anantnag. On October 31, a brick-making worker from Bihar was shot dead in Pulwama. On July 13, three workers were injured in a terrorist attack in the city of Shopian.
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6. Two explosions in Pakistan, 24 people were killed, an explosion in front of the candidates’ office in Baluchistan

Bodies lying on the road after the bomb blast.

Bodies lying on the road after the bomb blast.

A day before the elections in Pakistan, there were two explosions in Balochistan. 12 people were killed in an explosion in front of the office of an independent candidate in Pishin. Shortly thereafter, an explosion occurred in Kila Saifulla, Balochistan, killing 12 people. The blast took place in front of the office of Jamiat-Ulema-e-Islam (JUI-F) candidate. The Election Commission of Pakistan has demanded a report from the chief secretary of Balochistan and the police on the attacks.

Violence on the rise ahead of elections: On the morning of February 5, an explosion occurred in front of the election commission building in Balochistan. On this day, a terrorist attack was carried out on the police station in Darbar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. As a result, 10 policemen were killed and 6 were injured.
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7. An Indian student was attacked in America, 3 people chased him, beat him, took his phone

The footage shows the attackers chasing the Indian student.

The footage shows the attackers chasing the Indian student.

An Indian student was attacked in the American city of Chicago. A video of the incident on February 4 has emerged, showing three assailants chasing an Indian student. After that, all three punched him hard, snatched his phone and ran away. The student is seen covered in blood. Samir Kamat, an Indian-American student, was found dead in a park in Indiana. He completed his master’s degree and defended his Ph.D.

4 Indian students died in 18 days: Since January 2024, four Indian students have died in America – Vivek Saini, Akul Dhawan, Neil Acharya and Shreyas Reddy. Vivek Saini was killed on January 16 in Georgia. Akul Dhawan’s body was found outside the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign on January 20, just days after he went missing. On January 28, Indian student Neil Acharya was killed in Indiana. Shreyas died on February 2 in Ohio. The cause of death could not be determined.
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Today’s cartoon by Mansoor Naqvi…

Some important news in the title…

  1. National: Former Jharkhand minister Hemant Soren’s remand extended by 5 days: ED interrogates; Posted by Wife Kalpana – Hemant Not With Me Today On Wedding Anniversary (Read Full News)
  2. National: Kejriwal’s February 17 court appearance: Summons sent on ED complaint fail 5 summons of probe agency (Read Full News)
  3. National: Rahul says BJP and BJD partnership in Odisha: Congress opposes them for welfare of state people, road show in Rourkela (Read Full News)
  4. Business: Paytm CEO meets finance minister, seeks help: Nirmala Sitharaman says – RBI’s action is a regulatory matter, you will deal with them directly (Read Full News)
  5. Sports: Virat Kohli ruled out of next two Tests against England: Family ruled out, Jadeja-Rahul likely to return (Read full story)
  6. Sports: Rohit sacked from IPL captaincy due to poor form: Coach Boucher: – Now he bats without pressure; Hardik is a great leader (Read Full News)
  7. International: Advice to Indians living in Myanmar: Ministry of External Affairs: Do not go to Rakhine State, Indians living there should leave immediately (Read Full News)
  8. International: Attack on US Ship Coming to India: Drone Attack on British Ship too; 3 days ago US and UK target Houthi positions (read full news)
  9. International: Saudi Arabia says it will not establish diplomatic relations with Israel: Tells America that Israel must stop attacks in Gaza and recognize an independent Palestine (read the full story)
  10. International: Hamas asked for a 135-day ceasefire in three stages: Said- After that we will reach an agreement to end the war; UN and 4 countries will be guarantors (read full news)

Now news aside…

Australian MP swears by Bhagavad Gita

The footage shows Australian MP Varun Ghosh taking the oath with the Bhagavad Gita.

The footage shows Australian MP Varun Ghosh taking the oath with the Bhagavad Gita.

Varun Ghosh, an Indian-origin lawyer, has become the first senator in the Australian Parliament to take an oath on the Bhagavad Gita. Ghosh was born in 1985 in India. He is the first Indian-born member of the Australian Parliament. Ghosh was also a finance attorney in New York and a consultant at the World Bank.
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