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Dara Singh spent hours in make-up to become Hanuman. Dara Singh wore make-up for hours to become Hanuman: for eight or nine hours he could neither eat nor sit because of his tail. Pi News


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Ramanand Sagar’s Ramayana once again came into focus during the consecration of the Ram temple in Ayodhya. Many facts related to his filming days have come to light. Ramanand Sagar’s son Prem Sagar said during an interview that late actor Dara Singh, who played the role of Hanuman in the show, did not eat anything for 9 hours.

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In fact, due to her character, she was forced to wear heavy make-up. According to him, Dara Singh’s make-up took 3-4 hours. Because in those days there was no prosthetic makeup. For the role of Hunman, he also had to wear a tail. Because of this, he could not even sit up straight. A special stool was made for him on the set. There was a cut in the stool, which he could sit on with the help of his tail.


Not only this, Prem Sagar also said that his father Ramanand Sagar worked with great dedication. He would wake up at 4 in the morning and shoot.

There was a problem with the structure of the monkey army.

Prem Sagar said that the biggest challenge in those days was for the monkey army. Because the monkey army needed about 500 people. There was a lot of trouble in doing make-up for all of them. He said- When it came to making the Lanka Dahan scene, our team had to think a lot. The problem was that there was a great danger in setting fire to the rope tail. So we had to call in a craftsman and make a special tail for that scene.

At that time Dara Singh ji had to fast for 6 hours every day. On this scene, he spent many hours for 7 days and then was shot.

Ramayana started in 1987
The Ramayana television program started on Doordarshan on 25 January 1987 and its last episode was aired on 31 July 1988. This serial was telecasted every morning at 9.30 am. The series became so popular that whenever it aired on television, there was silence everywhere. There used to be cases like curfews outside the houses. Ramanand Sagar himself did not believe that the series he created would be so historic. Actors working in this series are considered gods.


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