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Ballymena United manager David Jeffery has revealed he offered his resignation to the club following last weekend’s 1-0 home defeat by Carrick Rangers but had a ‘heart-to-heart’ with the board and his players. He was encouraged after the conversation.

Effery added that after the talks there was now ‘no chance in the world’ he would walk away from the Showgrounds and remain at the helm ‘until the club decides otherwise’.

Speaking to Ballymena’s Official Media Channel after last night’s 3-0 league defeat at Crusaders, an emotional Jeffery admitted he was ready to call it quits after six-and-a-half years at United, with a disappointing run against him. Such was his mood after the performance. Carrick continued their poor start to the campaign after a heartbreaking defeat by the Croes in last season’s Irish Cup final.

Last week, Jeffery cut a pessimistic figure, raising questions about his future. A week on, the former Linfield boss and League of Ireland legend has outlined just how close he came to leaving the Sky Blues.

“I’m very fortunate to be the manager of Ballymena United and I absolutely love being at the club and working at the club, and I’m very grateful for the period that (assistant manager) Brian (McLaughlin) and I have had here. There are., but last week was quite low,” Jeffrey explained.

“It’s very important that what always comes first is the best interests of Ballymena United, and that’s the board, the players and obviously the supporters, and after the game last week I was in a place where I thought Ballymena United would be better off without David Jeffery, as the players would, and I tendered my resignation.

“I’ve been asked by the board, the chairman (John Taggart) and the players both to reflect on the weekend. We had a really good heart-to-heart with the players and everyone else around us on Tuesday night and then one of our And there was a good meeting, and the players were very good that their performance was not good enough and not up to standard and they could do better and just that ‘we wanted to put it all right’.

“It’s early in the season, and I think that’s no excuse but people are still very raw about the cup final being so close and we’re trying to work our way through it and that’s it. Trying to work through the fact that once again the players have outgrown us and we’re trying to rebuild.

“Given the encouragement from the club and the board in general, the players and the staff, I will obviously be here and serve until the club decides otherwise.

“I don’t want it to be a David Geoffrey circus or a pity party because that’s not what it’s about. I care a lot about this club and I was challenged to say, ‘David can be easy if you walk. ‘, but there’s not a chance in the world after this week.

He closed by saying: “I appreciate the opportunity to tell people where I’ve been.”

Ballymena are third in the Irish Premiership with just four points from seven games and some fans have made it clear they feel a change is needed. But, given the events of the past week, it’s clear that Geoffrey has strong support within the club.

He guided United to League Cup glory in 2017 and took them to Europe in 2019 after finishing second in the Irish Premiership at his old club Linfield, where he won 31 trophies as manager.


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