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Retired CTV news meteorologist David Spence will serve as the celebrity judge for the 2022 Calgary Stampede parade, Calgary Stampede officials announced Monday.

Among all the other highlights of the parade he decides the floats when he hears the bands playing.

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Spence retired in November after more than five decades in the broadcasting industry, including 40 in Calgary.

“For 40 years he has been judging Mother Nature, but this year he will be judging and awarding the best during the Calgary Stombeet parade,” Stombeat officials tweeted.

Spence says it will be a known territory.

“We did a lot of shows on CTV from Stamford Ground. We did shows from the top of the Ferris wheel, from the middle, we let people know about bad weather, thunderstorms and hailstorms, we tried when it’s hot – fry eggs on the sidewalk – mixed. With results), ”Spence said in a video shared on social media.

“Even though I’m retiring from CTV, I’m very excited to continue my involvement as your celebrity judge for this year’s Calgary Stomped Parade.”

This year Yellowstone actor Kevin Costner will lead the parade.

The 2022 Calgary Stompede takes place July 8-17, running as the official kickoff parade for the biggest outdoor show on earth.

It starts on July 8th at 9am.

For more information, you can visit the Calgary Stomped website.

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