Declare emergency and agricultural disaster due to drought in Patagones

Declare emergency and agricultural disaster due to drought in Patagones

The Buenos Aires government declared a state of emergency and agricultural disaster due to drought in the Patagones district, with the exception of irrigated areas, between January 1 and December 31, 2021.

It did so through Decree 22 published today in the Official Gazette of the district, in which it was established that rural producers must submit their sworn statements within a maximum period of ten days, starting today.

It was clarified that the emergency and disaster reach, exclusively, the producers who carry out agricultural exploitation as their main activity in the establishments located in the Patagones district.

These producers will be exempt from paying the Rural Real Estate tax and, at the same time, the decree stated that the Bank of the Province of Buenos Aires must adopt “the necessary measures to make credit benefits effective.”

In the foundations of the measure, “the critical situation being experienced by rural farms in the Patagones district due to adverse natural phenomena of an extraordinary nature” was recalled.

“This situation has been timely evaluated by the specific technical area of ​​the Ministry of Agrarian Development through meteorological information (statistical and satellite), field checks and satellite images, and ruled by the Local Agricultural Emergency Commission on the magnitude of the damages suffered in the production or production capacity by the owners of the farms that intend to avail themselves of the benefits of the State of Emergency and Agricultural Disaster”, it was indicated.

It was pointed out that the climatic phenomenon “specifically affects producers who carry out farming as their main activity.”