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Teljapur, Kumar Naikwadi:

This temple in Tiljapur is home to Kalaswamini and is one of the three and a half Shakti Peethas in Maharashtra. At Bhavani Mata’s court on Monday, September 25, Sansthan President and Collector Kostubh Devigaonkar inaugurated the Sampanti Ghat at 12 noon with the sound of the cymbals of Maa Raja Udu Udu. Shri Talja Bhawani Mandir Sansthan Trustee and MLA Ranjagjit Singh Patil Saptini, Sub Divisional Officer Yogesh Kharmate and other government officials and workers of institutions were present on this occasion.

Tilja Bhawani Mata’s 9-day Manchaki Nadirantra The main Chal Murti of Shri Devi was brought from the neighbor’s house early in the morning and installed on the throne early in the morning in honor of Maa Raja Udu Udu. The Shradhya Navratri festival started at 6 am by decorating clothes after Shri Devi Dagada Abhishek.

On the day of Deedar, the usual pooja and incense were performed. At 11:30 a.m. near the Gomakh Tirth Kunda, there was a formal Ghata Kalash pooja, in which water was taken from the Gomakh Tirth Kunda and the Ghat Kalash was taken around the temple in a procession and the Ghata Kalash was installed in the temple. went. The lion of the temple is Gabhra

Decline in Bhavani Mata’s enthusiasm in Taljapur


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