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#NewDelhi: The national capital, Delhi, broke a 12-year record due to the heat wave. The maximum temperature in Delhi reached 43.5 degrees Celsius. On April 29, 1941, the highest temperature ever recorded in Delhi was 45.6 degrees Celsius. Due to unbearable heat, the Arvind Kejriwal-led Delhi government on Thursday announced an uninterrupted supply of about 1,000 million gallons of drinking water per day from April to July this summer. According to the Delhi Water Board’s summer action plan, a total of 1,196 water tankers equipped with GPS will be deployed across the national capital to avert the water crisis. Gurugram holds the record for the warmest city in Haryana. The temperature reached 45.6 degrees Celsius.

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Mercury rises to 46 degrees Celsius in Delhi Sports Complex! The warmest place in the national capital is the Sports Complex, followed by Ridge (45.1 C), Mungeshpur (45.6 সেল C), Najafgarh (45.4 সেল C) and Pitampura (45 C).

The heat wave in Delhi has been going on for nine days in April, the highest since 11 days in a month in 2010. In Delhi, however, partly cloudy skies, light rain and dust storms with a speed of 50 kmph on Friday and Sunday are forecast.

In Haryana, after Gurugram, the temperature reached 44.5 degrees Celsius in Hisar, 43.7 degrees Celsius in Vivani, 44.4 degrees Celsius in Narnaul, 44 degrees Celsius in Rohat, 42.6 degrees Celsius in Ambala and 42 degrees Celsius in Karnal. The maximum temperature in Chandigarh was 42.2 degrees Celsius.

The IMD predicts that in the next five days, the heat wave will intensify over a wide area of ​​the country. An ‘orange alert’ has also been issued for parts of Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra. Temperatures are forecast to rise by another two degrees Celsius in the northwestern region.

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A large part of India has been recording higher-than-normal temperatures since the last week of March. Vidarbha in Maharashtra and western Rajasthan have consistently recorded maximum temperatures between 40 degrees Celsius and 45 degrees Celsius for the past two months.

On the other hand, health experts have warned of problems such as heat syncope, cramps, fatigue and heat stroke with rising temperatures. Dilip Mavalankar, director, Indian Institute of Public Health, Gandhinagar, advised that as many people as possible should stay indoors, keep themselves hydrated and go to the nearest health center if they see moderate symptoms of heat-related illness.

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