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ABVP pressure, university withdraws, refuses to deliver Vice-Chancellor's speech in anti-Naxal programme

  • 555 authorized publications
  • 330 positions are vacant
  • 243 Professor needed
  • There are only 103 of them
  • In LIT, 62 positions were approved
  • 24 is still empty

Nagpur. RTM Nagpur University celebrates centenary year. This year, the university granted the status of autonomy to 44 departments of postgraduate education. Due to the autonomy, the departments will now be able to update the syllabus from time to time along with the exam, although this will improve the quality, but due to lack of staff, there will be many problems. The number of permanent professors in many departments is worth counting on the fingers. Departments function on the basis of part-time employees. Because of this, questions arise regarding the decision of the university itself.

The celebration of the centenary of the university starts on August 4. During this, various programs will be organized throughout the year. The university has also developed plans to improve academic quality. The university decided to implement a new educational policy from this session. Autonomy of PG departments is a good step but shortage of faculty will be a major problem.

If the government is not serious about filling vacant posts, on the other hand, the efforts of the university management are not enough either. The autonomy issue of Laxminarayan Institute of Technology (LIT), considered the pride of the university, is still pending. Although in the past the assessment was carried out by NAAC, the shortage of teachers remained an obstacle to development for many years.

Not only full-time professors in some departments

Out of the total number of sanctioned 555 positions in the university, 330 positions are vacant. There are 243 positions of professors. Of them, only 103 positions have been filled. 11 of 23 in Department of Pharmacy, Barry. Sheshrao Wankhede B.Ed. 14 out of 21 in the college, only 1 out of 10 in the linguistic department is a full-time professor. Sanskrit, Pali and Prakrit, Sociology, Philosophy, Microbiology, Statistics, Gandhian Ideology, is the only professor in the Faculty of Fine Arts.

At the same time, there is no full-time professor at the Department of Electronics and Computer Sciences. If we talk about employees and senior management, then 45 out of 60 positions in group A, 37 out of 52 positions in group B, 206 out of 476 positions in group A and 42 out of 276 positions in group G are vacant. Out of 62 authorized positions in LIT, only 38 are appointed positions Another 24 positions remain vacant.