Despite criticism on the broadcaster, Indian players escaped punishment

Despite criticism on the broadcaster, Indian players escaped punishment

Criticism of the broadcaster did not cost the Indian team much and the match referee dismissed them only after a warning.

When the Indian players criticized the broadcaster for fear of defeat in the Cape Town Test, the match referee took action but his action did not turn out to be more than a warning.

According to media reports, there is no law in the ICC rules to criticize the broadcasters, due to which the match referee has released the Indian players after a stern warning.

It is to be noted that former England player Michael Vaughan and former South African player Darrell Clean Nunn had demanded a fine for criticizing Indian captain Virat Kohli on the broadcaster.

It may be recalled that in the third match of the Cape Town Test between India and South Africa, an interesting situation arose when the third umpire declared South Africa’s Dan Elgar not out.

Other players, including Virat Kohli, captain of the Indian cricket team, were outraged when Dan Elgar was declared not out, while the Indian captain got angry and said to Stump Mike, Focus on your team instead of the opposition.

L Rahul, the vice-captain of the Indian team, also criticized the whole country against 11 players, while bowler Ashwin, speaking directly to the broadcaster, said, “You have to find better ways to win.”

It should be noted that the same DR system benefited the Indian team in the 2011 World Cup when Tendulkar was declared not out on the ball of Saeed Ajmal.

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