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Developer Lendlease will demolish more than a dozen homes in a Sydney suburb Pi News


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More than a dozen houses in the west Sydney Deep underground suburbs are demolished after the developer fails to meet quality standards.

A total of 18 properties in the Jordan Springs East community development bought back by Lendlease will be demolished next month.

They were bought back as part of the developer $600 million compensation scheme In 2020, dozens of buildings were found to be cracked and damaged after the land subsidence in the area.
Street in Jordan Springs.
Street in Jordan Springs. 18 homes in East Jordan Springs will be demolished. (Lendlease/Facebook)

Ranisha Clarke, managing director of Lendlease Communities, said today: “Since becoming aware of the housing issues on the land, we have been working with affected owners and managing a compensation scheme to address the impacts.”

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“A number of homes have been bought back from their owners under the scheme and some will now be removed as they do not meet our internal quality standards.

“We continue to stand with our customers and are committed to providing ongoing support as we work through the process.”


The 18 houses had to be demolished because they did not comply with Lendlease’s internal standards, not because of an external order instructing them to do so.

Demolition work should be completed by the end of the year

There were disputes between Lendlease and the local council over how many of the nearly 1,000 properties in the development had actually sunk.

Development of Jordan Springs.
The homes are part of a larger Jordan Springs development. (rental)

Lendlease believes the number is closer to 90, but Penrith Council has flagged planning certificates for 841 properties – which Lendlease/developer said they disagreed with in October 2020 “based on extensive geotechnical investigations”.

East Jordan Springs is part of Lendlease’s larger Jordan Springs development, which will be home to around 13,000 people once completed.-

The development is located in the western part of Sydney, approximately 7 km from the center of Penrith.


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