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Eknath Shinde has taken oath as the Chief Minister of the state. Devendra Fadnavis took oath as the Deputy Chief Minister. Fadnavis had said two hours ago that he would not join the government. But then dramatic events happened.

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  • Dramatic developments in state politics
  • The thread spun around two hours
  • PM Modi’s two phone calls to Fadnavis
Mumbai: The drama of power going on in the politics of the state is over. But even then the dramatic events do not end here. Eknath Shinde will be the new Chief Minister. I will not be in this government, announced Fadnavis. Everyone was surprised by this announcement of Fadnavis. Devendra Fadnavis was expected to be the chief minister and Eknath Shinde as the deputy chief minister. However, Fadnavis announced Shinde’s name. However, political developments took place rapidly in the last two hours. After that Fadnavis took oath as the Deputy Chief Minister. Such an order was given to Fadnavis by the party leadership.

After the announcement of Shinde’s name by Fadnavis, Prime Minister Narendra Modi called him twice. Following Modi’s insistence, Fadnavis agreed to become the Deputy Chief Minister. “Give me a chance to work for the development of the party instead of working in the cabinet,” Fadnavis told the party leadership. However, Fadnavis’s demand was rejected. After that Fadnavis accepted the demand to become the Deputy Chief Minister.
Modi’s two calls to Fadnavis and then…; Dramatic developments in the state in just two hours
Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis has made a tweet. Fadnavis retweeted Union Home Minister Amit Shah’s tweet. Devendra Fadnavis decided to join the government for the benefit of Maharashtra state and people. This shows his true devotion and service towards Maharashtra. I congratulate him for this, Shah tweeted.

Fadnavis retweeted Shah’s tweet. Being an honest worker, I follow the orders of the party. “I am in favor of the party which has given me the highest position,” Fadnavis said in a tweet.

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