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Vasai: The Ganeshotsav festival begins on Wednesday and the cities of Vasai Virar and Mirabhaiendra are gearing up to welcome Ganariya.

Around 3000 police personnel have been deployed for the peaceful conduct of the festival. More than 1200 public boards have been registered in the Commissionerate this year. The Vasai Virar Municipal Corporation has constructed artificial ponds at 65 locations and managed revolving ponds to prevent pond pollution.

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Two years after Corona, this year Ganeshotsav is being celebrated with great fervor. The cities of Vasai-Virar and Meera-Bhindra are gearing up for the festival, which begins on Wednesday. According to information provided by the police, 1,219 public Ganeshotsav mandals have been registered in Vasai, Virar and Mira-Bhindar cities this year, while 48,000 home Ganeshas will be enshrined. Apart from this, 51 Awami and 1 thousand 790 Guri will be seated.

Final sanction to 459 constituencies

The government has waived the permission fee for Ganeshotsav mandals. Hence, the number of constituencies celebrating Ganeshotsav with official permission has increased this year. Last year, only 360 mandals took permission from the municipality. This year, till Tuesday, 659 applications had come for permission. Deputy Commissioner Nanasaheb Kamothe said that initial permission has been given to 568 circles and final permission to 479 circles. The municipality has canceled all employee leaves for various activities and immersion arrangements during Ganeshotsav.

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Police deployment.

During the Ganeshotsav period, the police have been holding meetings for the past one month to guide citizens to ensure that law and order is maintained and the festival is held in a peaceful atmosphere. Police have made tight security arrangements in the city for the next 10 days. Around three thousand policemen have been deployed in the city. This includes 375 police officers, 1,800 police enforcers, 750 home guards and 350 employees of the Maharashtra Security Board, Public Relations Officer Assistant Police Inspector Palkar said.

Artificial ponds for immersionMoved

Vasai Virar Municipal Corporation has constructed 83 artificial lakes in 9 wards of the city. Apart from this, a revolving tank has also been prepared for the immersion of the household Ganesha idol. All the ponds have been closed to prevent pollution and the large idols in the pond are being trucked to the pond in a stone quarry outside the city. Collection centers have been set up at 16 locations to preserve the idols without immersion. Fertilization from Nirmala collected during Ganeshotsav. The municipality has decided.


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