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Anil Kamble, Lok Satta

Nagpur : Alcoholism is causing many social problems and many families are ruined. However, looking at the revenue generated from the sale of liquor, it seems that the state and central governments are encouraging the sale of liquor. Hence, the number of alcoholics in the state has doubled in the last three years and the highest number of alcoholics are women in Dhule district and men in Gadchiroli district. This shocking information comes from the National Family Health Report.

According to the report, Dhule district (38.2 per cent) and Gadchiroli district (34.7 per cent) ranked first in the state in terms of alcohol addiction among young women and girls. The proportion of females in the state is 0.4% and that of males is 13.9%. Alcohol consumption is higher in rural areas than in urban areas. After Dhola, Gadchiroli district ranks second among women drinkers in the state, followed by Ninderbar and Palghar districts. Among men, Garh Chiroli is followed by three districts of Bhandara, Wardha and Gondia Vidarbha. Wardha and Gadchiroli districts, said to be the birthplace of Mahatma Gandhi, have high rates of drunkenness despite the ban on liquor.

Alcohol consumption is high among urban girls.

Alcohol consumption is highest among youth aged 16 to 35 years in the state. Young women also have the highest proportion of alcohol and hookah users, and urban girls are more likely to drink alcohol than rural girls.

Sale and confiscation of liquor by the police.

Many towns have country breweries, liquor stores and beer bars. However, more than that there is illegal sale of liquor and country liquor in the streets. As the police have been collecting installments from such liquor vendors, the sale of liquor has now gone directly to the square. Liquor is widely available in highway dhabas, hotels, police are charging different amounts for it.

It is important for the government to make positive efforts in collaboration with social institutions and organizations. The State Excise Department should not be targeted for the sale of liquor. The government should control the sale and consumption of alcohol. Two government de-addiction centers should be established in every taluka. Illegal shops in the streets should be closed. Where women have demanded a ban on alcohol, alcohol should be banned.

Parumita Goswami, social workers.

District wise alcohol consumption statistics

District Women District Men

Dhule 38.2 Gadchiroli 34.7

Gadchiroli 3.1 Bhandara 26.0

Nandarbar 2.8 Wardha 24.6

Palghar 1.4 Gondia 22.6


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