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New Delhi: Due to the change in lifestyle, everything has changed, which is why many health problems arise. One of them is vertigo or dizziness. Let us tell you that the problem of vertigo has increased significantly in our time. In fact, it happens that people’s immunity weakens, in such a situation they constantly feel dizzy when standing up.

Likewise, there can be many causes of dizziness. Low blood pressure, unhealthy lifestyle, lack of food and drink, or lack of sleep can cause dizziness. Ignoring them can be fatal for you, so today we will tell you how to treat yourself at home when you feel dizzy. So let us know…

Get rid of the problem of dizziness in this way

Peppermint and almond oil

Regarding this problem, experts believe that the problem of dizziness can be solved with the help of peppermint and almond oil. If you mix two drops of peppermint oil with a small spoonful of almond oil and apply it on your neck and forehead, you will relax and relieve the problem of dizziness and you will feel great.

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ginger oil

In addition, ginger oil is said to be very effective in eliminating vertigo. So, applying 3-4 drops of ginger oil under the soles, the problem of dizziness ends. It is also recommended to apply ginger oil on the neck and behind the ears. For information, let’s say that ginger contains elements that relieve nervousness. In addition, ginger is also useful for boosting immunity. In this way, you can get rid of the problem of dizziness.

Coriander and amla powder

Apart from ginger oil, coriander and amla powder are also used to overcome the problem of vertigo. Mix coriander and amla powder, soak in a glass of water and leave overnight and consume on an empty stomach in the morning. These remedies eliminate the problem of dizziness. In addition, it is very good for maintaining your health.


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