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Very few animals are as cute (and safe) as the giant pandas. But while this generation is considered a “national treasure” in China, its existence is currently being questioned on TikTok. Some users of the platform claim that Pandey is not real. So what is the conspiracy theory that attracts the younger generation? Their lovely, lovely bodies, big eyes and clumsy walk make the big pandas especially attractive. Not surprisingly, the black and white bear has become a symbol of environmental protection, as well as a national symbol of China, the only country where this breed still lives in the wild.

Although this generation has not been considered endangered since 2016, some Internet users say it has never been. They go even further, claiming, in fact, that these mammals have never existed before, and in fact only men in panda suits or black and white painted bears. This conspiracy theory is especially popular on TikTok, where the hashtag #pandasnotreal counts more than 6.2 million views.

Users of the platform subscribing to this conspiracy theory shed light on a number of startling facts about giant pandas. The first is about their diet. This carnivorous species has become exclusively vegetarian after genetic mutations. Their food is mainly made of bamboo, which they stare at with their opposing “sado thumbs” and their powerful jaws.

Another confusing aspect posed by internet users is the challenges they face in regenerating pandas. Survival of species is like a difficult battle. Pairs can reproduce only a few days a year, between February 15 and March 30, during which time the female panda remains fertile for only 48 hours. Men are also reluctant to reproduce; and these losses raise questions among TikTok users. “Pandas are so bad at life that they can’t even mate without intervention. A basic animal instinct knows by nature how to get it, and they can’t,” said an internet user named @that_pearl_witch. The user says.

Uselessness versus nonsense

This conspiracy theory about the non-existence of pandas is not new. As Rolling Stone points out, the Reddit Forum has hosted discussions on this topic since 2015. “I’m pretty sure Pandey is just a very broad deception,” reads one such music. To which another user replied: “I swear it’s true. Somehow all the pandas here in the US have died and people are dressed in suits to maintain relations with China.”

The resurgence of this imaginary concept of giant pandas illustrates the fact that young people, especially teenagers, are the ideal target for anyone who wants to spread conspiracy theories. “They are more accessible because of the show bias, just because they get more information on social networks. We know that there is a correlation between the use of this information – social networks, online video platforms. Like the reality of getting information on YouTube – and a greater tendency to follow a large number of conspiracy theories, “Rudy Reichstad, founder of the site, told FranceInfo in 2021.

However, some young internet users are resisting going to the web to express their frustration with the conspiratorial tendencies of today’s society. For example, the “Birds Are Not Real” movement, founded in 2017 by Peter Mack Indo, an American, seeks to counter misinformation with ridicule. She made headlines last year after breaking into an anti-abortion protest in Cincinnati, Ohio. The group’s parody slogan, which claims that drones have replaced birds for covert surveillance purposes since the 1970s, has overwhelmed the message of pro-life activists. If only Panda Conspiracy Theory had a similar mission;

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