Dollar hits Rs 199 in interbank market – Public News Pi News

In the interbank market, the US dollar depreciated by 76 paise, after which the dollar fell to Rs 199.

At the start of the trading day on May 27, the interbank market saw a sharp fall of Rs 2.50 against the US dollar, after which the dollar fell below the Rs 200 level. This trend continued throughout the day as the dollar depreciated. The dollar had closed at 199.76 paise at the close of trading on Friday.

In the open market, the US dollar fell by Rs 2.50 to Rs 201.

On May 26, the US dollar rose 9 paise to Rs 202.01 in the interbank market, while in the open market, the dollar rose 50 paise to a high of Rs 203.50.

Last week, the US dollar appreciated by Rs2.5 in the interbank market and Rs3.30 in the open market.

On May 19, the federal government announced a ban on imports of all luxury items, after which the pressure on the Pakistani rupee eased, but since last Monday, the US dollar has started appreciating again. There was a sharp uptick until Wednesday.