Donald Trump’s return to Donbeg was a much quieter affair than his presidential visit | Pro IQRA News

Donald Trump’s return to Donbeg was a much quieter affair than his presidential visit

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Donald Trump’s air visit to the west of Ireland was in stark contrast to his last Irish trip in 2019, when he arrived largely as president of the United States.

That prestigious visit, along with the motorcade and the confident diplomacy that comes with it, differed much from what was described as a private 24-hour trip.

In 2019, the businessman-turned-politician was greeted by Taoiseach Leo Varadkar at Shannon Airport before being transferred to his hotel, the Trump International Golf Links and Hotel in Co Claire.

Four years later, a completely different visit took place.

Former US President Donald Trump is making his way to fourth place (Brian Lawless/PA)

While Garda cars, trucks and bicycles plowed through the area around the village of Doonbeg and access to the Trump hotel was closed before he landed at Shannon Airport, no government representative was waiting for him.

Outside the hotel, a few fans in Trump and MAGA uniforms showed up to welcome his arrival.

When Trump arrived at the hotel, he told reporters that he had been “treated well” in Ireland and that his resort had “reinvigorated” the area.

Throughout the ups and downs of Trump’s presidency, the locals of Doonbeg Village, where he bought a hotel in 2014 for €15 million, have maintained their gratitude for his investment, which has been an important source of employment in rural areas.

Their thanks were still evident as the locals working in the village hoped Mr. Trump or his son Eric, who had accompanied him to the village during their 24-hour Irish trip, would come.

Donald Trump takes a putt on the 15th hole (Brian Lawless/PA)

High-profile guest notwithstanding, it was business as usual for locals on Wednesday night: karaoke was organized in one pub and another boy came sporting a karate kit on an otherwise quiet high street.

Although several international Trump vans appeared outside bars in the village, piqued the interest of journalists, they always quietly picked up and dropped off other hotel guests.

By Thursday, as small US flags fluttered in the wind along with huge yellow and blue Co Clare flags across the village, a giant star-spangled banner was seen draped in the doorway of Doonbeg Community Hall.

Two Trump fans from Limerick were seen walking through town, one wearing a green hat with the slogan “Make Ireland Great Again” and the other wearing a red “USA” hat with “45” on the side – a reference to the 45th President of the United States, Donald J. Trump .

Earlier on Thursday, they applauded Mr. Trump as he played on his golf course, and though he greeted them when he stopped by briefly, they didn’t get a picture with him like they had hoped.

Garda officers on the public road that passes Trump International Golf Links (Brian Lawless/PA)

Their violent support contrasted with the informal attitude of the local population towards the “West Clare Innkeeper”, as he was sometimes referred to in the local newspapers.

Between the tee and the green on the fourth hole at Trump International Donbig, a public fairway runs from the road to the sandy beach on the other side.


Trump cut the Irish trip short to face the accusation…

Many in the audience passed before Mr Trump began his golf tour – including joggers, cyclists and dog-walkers.

A man with two white dogs dressed in red and blue leashes jokingly apologized to photographers for being late before heading out on his walk.

On his return, he said Mr. Trump had just rigged up, but he didn’t wait himself to catch a glimpse of his swing.