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In light of the new federal firearms regulations, the Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation is reminding residents of its “Habitat Guns” program, where people can donate unwanted firearms and receive tax-exempt receipts.

The Liberal government has amended the draft gun regulations to ensure that anyone who buys a gun actually has a valid license.

When Bill C-71 received government approval in 2019, the government stated that vendors must verify the validity of a firearm license before selling unrestricted firearms, such as firearms or ammunition.

However, under the proposed terms, the seller has no obligation to verify with the federal firearms registrar whether the prospective buyer of the firearm has a valid license – which provoked criticism from gun control attorneys.

Final terms closed that hole on Wednesday. From May 18, sellers will have to confirm the buyer’s identity and verify the validity of their gun license with the arms registrar.

The Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation (SWF) is encouraging anyone with unwanted firearms to contact its central office to arrange a pickup before Wednesday. He said pickups can be arranged anywhere in the province.

Good working guns are sold through fundraising events and support SWF’s plan to acquire and improve wildlife habitat.

The SWF said it would continue to accept unrestricted gun donations after this date and work with the public to ease the requirements of the new regulations.

Bill C-71 vendors must keep records of unrestricted firearm transactions.

In addition, the law expands the background checks that determine a person’s lifetime eligibility for a gun license, not just the last five years.

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