Don’t get me wrong, I will probably back down from the pressure, Imran Khan – Pakistan | Pro IQRA News

Don’t get me wrong, I will probably back down from the pressure, Imran Khan – Pakistan

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Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman and former Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that even if I am left alone, I will stand for real freedom. I will not back down, don’t get me wrong, I may back down under pressure, I fully understand what happened during the violent protests on May 9 and I demand that an independent commission be formed.

Talking to the media in Zaman Park, the former prime minister said that the investigation into the violence that took place on May 9 is very important because this matter also comes into the conspiracy Termination of Tehreek-e-Insaaf tom It is planned, it is dangerous for the country .

He continued his speech and said that PDM is behind this conspiracy, this happened in 1971, who won the election and who was the prime minister, who should have been the prime minister, a politician conspired and won the majority. Instead of making the perpetrator the prime minister, an operation was carried out against him and the country fell apart.

Chairman of PTI said now same plan is being done again, they can’t contest the elections, the ruling alliance has lost 30 out of 37 elections, they somehow see that my party will get the army. The corps commander’s house is 2.1 miles from here, people walking from Liberty and reaching the corps commander’s house, the road is empty. The corps commander is such a big position, no one came to save him, where are the CCTV cameras, everything should be known, who were the figures that burned, everything should have been revealed by now.

Imran Khan continued his speech and said that they are the same people who, when they were demonstrating peacefully at Jajale Chowk in Mianwali, said that they will burn this plane, there are reports from there that they are coming and telling them that this must be done, Peshawar We have received similar reports from, I fully understand what has happened and I demand that an independent commission be formed.

The former prime minister said that what will come out in the independent commission, I will tell you now because the facts have come to me, we will give you evidence of how people have been planned to attack military buildings. The crowd inside Pindi stood in front. The police fired teargas shells from behind and pushed them towards GHQ. There was no police on the way to GHQ.

He further said that what nobody is talking about at the moment is that it has been confirmed that 25 people have been martyred so far. No one had any weapons, peaceful protests and direct shots have been fired, 7500 workers have been captured, we don’t know how many other than 25 have been killed. All we know is that 700 people have been wounded and injured by gunfire. Today it should be discussed whether there should not be a commission for this. There are citizens of your country, whoever it is, if a man is killed, then But there is an investigation.

In response to the question of those who left the party, he said that those who endured this pressure, the people of the party who have endured, the nation will always remember you and will not forget you. I know the pressure on them, how you stand, I will not forget you and this nation will not forget you. Such pressure has hardly been put on any party leader or party members as it is being put on us now.

The PTI Chairman continued his speech and said that I want to make it clear that even if I am left alone, I will still stand for the true freedom of this country. Let no one get the impression that I will probably back down because of this pressure, who has had two assassination attempts and yet has not taken a single step back from the movement as a whole, understand that he will not back down.

Imran Khan said that many of our people are leaving the party. I don’t know about the rest, but I feel sorry for Aamir Kayani’s departure. There is a lot of pressure on those who leave the party, don’t trash them. She can’t handle pressure. I will not forget those who have endured the pressure and neither will the nation. Such pressure has hardly been put on any party. Even if I am left alone, I will stand for real freedom. Don’t be under the impression that I will back down because of the pressure.

Plan to crush my party let the nation raise its voice Chairman PTI

Earlier, in a statement on the social networking site Twitter, he wrote that a group of scoundrels, criminals and idiots who are completely devoid of morals and values ​​have completely dominated the nation.

The PTI chairman continued his speech that at a time when the country is drowning in the mire of the worst economic crisis, especially with the highest inflation in history and rapidly increasing unemployment, the ruling group is using all its resources. The energies are focused. about planning to crush the country’s largest and only political party at the federal level through repression and fascism.

The former prime minister said it is time for the entire nation to raise its voice against it before it is too late.

Earlier in another tweet, Imran Khan said that an immediate inquiry into the police firing on peaceful protesters, which resulted in the martyrdom of at least 25 civilians and hundreds of injuries, is imperative.

The former prime minister said that during the recent protests in France, the protesters were seen throwing petrol bombs at the police, but this did not happen, the police fired at them in response.

Imran Khan said that the arson attack, which an independent investigation would reveal, was a well thought-out plan to justify the crackdown on Tehreek-e-Insaf, under the guise of grave violation of our fundamental right to peaceful protest. ongoing discussion in the media, the mention is rounded off and not talked about at all.

He said there is no mention of an investigation (to identify those responsible) into the killing of at least 25 peaceful Pakistani protesters and the injury of around 600.