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Jammu, Sep 6 (PTI) A new facility will soon be launched in the Union Territories of Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh to alert people about emergency situations. An official provided this information.

This facility has been developed under the Cell Broadcast Alert System (CBAS) which was recently successfully operationalized by the Department of Telecom.

Vijay Kumar Surendra, Additional Director General, Department of Telecommunications (Jammu and Kashmir), told PTI that several trials have been conducted as a result of which a unique warning system has been created. Its sound is completely different from the sound of regular messaging services. This is high volume sound.

Surendra said that the high-pitched sound warning has been developed in such a way that its sound will attract people’s attention very quickly. This will enable people to be quickly informed about earthquakes, floods, terrorist attacks, epidemics and public order situations.

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