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TORONTO – Ontario Premier Duck Ford is defending his decision to name his son-in-law as Minister of Citizenship and Multiculturalism.

Ford was asked about the appointment at his first press conference today since he unveiled his new, 30-member cabinet last week.

The Prime Minister says he has “extensive experience” having previously served as Toronto City Council and school trustee before his son-in-law Michael Ford.

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Doug Ford names new cabinet

“I think he’s doing a very good job,” Doug Ford said Monday. “He has a lot of knowledge and he can be the elected officer, more than 60 percent of our Caucasus.”

In the cabinet presented on Friday, several ministers have the same roles they played under Ford’s previous government, including key files such as housing and education.

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Former Solicitor General Sylvia Jones has been appointed Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Health.

In addition to Michael Ford, there were some new faces, including Michael Kersner, Solicitor General of the Biology and Technology Entrepreneurship Solicitor General at the York Center, and Graydon Smith, former mayor of Presbridge, Ont., Serving as Minister of Natural Resources. And forestry.

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Doug Ford becomes Ontario’s Prime Minister for the second time

Doug Ford becomes Ontario’s Prime Minister for the second time

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