HomeBuisnessDrake called out the media for "depressing the youth". Pi News

Drake called out the media for “depressing the youth”. Pi News


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Drake slammed the media for letting the younger generation down and spreading negative thoughts

Drake reportedly called on the media to fudge the numbers by creating propaganda.

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Recently, A dance crooner reposted football coach Nick Saban’s video. In this video, the famous football coach talked about giving the younger generation a second chance.

As reported NMEthis video is from a 2014 college football game press conference.


The American coach began: “I feel this very strongly now – every 19-year-old makes mistakes and you kill him.”

“And some people don’t support it, so my question to you is: Where do you want it to be?” – he continued.

The coach, now 72, ended his monologue with a question: “Do you want to sentence them to life in prison or do you want the guy’s kids to go to Princeton?”

In response, the 37-year-old wrote: “The world of journalism is cashing in on negativity, turning young people away from finding their own way more than ever.”

“All the noise is calculated, move forward,” he wrote in his conclusion.


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