Draupadi Marmo will file papers today. The Center has provided ‘Z’ security to Yashwant Sinha. ProIQRA News

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The Union Home Ministry has given Z-category security cover to opposition presidential candidate Yashwant Sinha. A large number of Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) personnel have been deployed as per the order issued on Thursday.

The ‘Z’ category is a security description for 55 personnel, including 4-6 NSG commandos and police personnel.

Meanwhile, NDA presidential candidate Draupadi Marmo is set to file her nomination papers on Friday for the July 18 elections this year.

The center on Wednesday provided Marmo with a Z + security corps of CRPF commandos. Armed forces took over the security of 64-year-old Marmo on Wednesday morning.

BJP president JP Nanda announced the candidature of Odisha-based party leader Marmo, who served as the governor of Jharkhand, at a press conference on Tuesday night after a meeting of the party’s parliamentary board. Among them were Prime Minister Narendra Modi and other senior leaders. Immediately after the announcement, the Union Home Ministry directed the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) to deploy its VIP protection team to take charge of Marmo’s security, officials said.

The security report prepared by the central security agencies for the NDA presidential candidate formed the basis of the Interior Ministry’s decision, officials said.

More than a dozen opposition parties fielded Sinha as their candidate on Tuesday, the same day the BJP fielded Draupadi Marmo as its candidate for the presidency.

Calling it a contest between two ideologies, opposition presidential candidate and former Union Minister Yashwant Sinha said on Wednesday that leaders of the other ideology intended to stifle the constitution and “mock the people’s mandate in the elections.”

Once elected, he said, “I will not allow the independence and integrity of democratic institutions to become a weapon against political opponents, as is happening now.”

“The ongoing attack on the federal structure of the constitution, under which the government is trying to deprive the state governments of their legitimate rights and powers, will be considered completely unacceptable,” Sinha told reporters here. I will use the powers of the office to thwart the dangerous power of illicitly earned money which is killing the spirit of Indian democracy and mocking the mandate of the people in the elections.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday praised NDA presidential candidate Draupadi Marmo for “understanding the problems on the ground” and described his vision for India’s development as “extraordinary”.

The Prime Minister made the remarks after meeting Marmo in New Delhi. After the Prime Minister, Union Home Minister Amit Shah also met the NDA presidential candidate.

Marmo will also meet with several Union ministers and veteran leaders before submitting his nomination for the presidency on Friday.

Sharing photos of his meeting with Marmo on Twitter, Prime Minister Modi wrote, “Met Smt. Draupadi Marmoji. His presidential nomination has been appreciated by all sections of society across India. His understanding of grassroots issues and vision for India’s development is excellent.

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