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Economic difficulties, causes and solutions

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After the establishment of Pakistan, except for four years out of the seventy-five years, the remaining period has passed very strangely. During the last seventy years, we, that is, our rulers, have not left any financial institution and any country in the world, from which they have not advanced to take loans. Currently, Pakistan’s external debt is slightly more than $97 billion. The IMF, the Paris Club, the World Bank, the Asian Development Bank-Islamic Development Bank have lavishly taken loans. About 30 percent of this total debt has been taken from its longtime friend China. Which is of great concern to America etc. The main reason for the economic crisis in Pakistan at present is because of the loans we have taken. Most of them fell victim to non-development work, indulgences, luxury goods and some money laundering in their coffers. We have done nothing to the size of these loans that would have helped to remove the debt by causing production. Since 1999, our rulers have tried their own domestic method to save the borrowers. To pay the overdue installment of the debt of one country, he took a loan from another country. Thus interest after interest, rather compounded, continued to flow and the burden on the backbone of Pakistan continued to increase.
At this point, the nation has learned about the promise of the IMF agreement, but it does not seem that we will be able to get this loan easily. To meet the conditions to increase the IMF’s revenue will be an example of “Mure Ko Mare Shah Madar” for the Pakistani nation. On March 1, petrol and diesel prices are expected to increase by at least 10 rupees, resulting in the blessings of consumer goods being further removed from the reach of the people and there are fears that such situations will arise across the country due to inflation, economic and political chaos . People should not run out of control like the people of Sri Lanka to meet their needs from streets, offices, factories and shops.
In democratic countries, political leaders have a strong influence over their people, which means that the chances of anarchy and chaos are very low. But unfortunately, at this time, the relations between the three or four major political parties in the country, the largest political party in the country and the most popular leader of the people, Imran Khan, are approaching the limits of enmity. Pakistan’s parliament currently has no opposition from the world’s unique but ridiculous house, the Tehreek-e-Insaf is committed to the Jail Bharu movement and the ruling party, apart from carrying out a series of political vendettas through the ministers and governors of its caretaker governments, the constitution. According to Pakistan, they are unwilling to hold elections within ninety days. The matter has reached such a stage that the President of Pakistan and the Governors and Chief Ministers of two major provinces and the Election Commission are facing each other to contest. No matter how bad the situation is in any country, if its judiciary is always there to give justice to the nation on time, then the country and the nation can survive despite very bad conditions, like World War II. Later, Great Britain, Germany and Japan recovered and are today among the developed countries. But alas, see that even our supreme judge has not been able to avoid being tainted by the influence of our politicians and generals for some time.
Currently, a one-sided spectacle is going on that the judiciary took suo moto action to conduct elections after the dissolution of the assemblies in Punjab and KP. Instability is increasing in Pakistan and the economy is under more pressure. How can one be prepared for foreign investment in the country under these circumstances.
The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court recently said that “the Constitution of Pakistan has knocked at our door” and we will deliver justice. But on the second day, a legislative senator criticized, saying that “the constitution has been knocking for 20 years.” How did this knock get so blessed today? There is weight in the senator’s words, but if the knock was not heard before, should it not be heard today? One of our great national tragedies is that if someone tries to reform by calling the past Raslawat, the barriers of past stories and events are placed in his way.
It has now been proved that the premature overthrow of Imran Khan’s government could not turn out to be better for Pakistan and its people. General Bajwa said: ‘A world calls him wrong. Therefore, now Imran Khan and the present “imported government” sitting at a table and planning to find a solution to the biggest problem of the country and nation (the economic crisis) is the urgent need of the hour. If Tehreek-e-Insaf, Muslim League-Nun and the People’s Party do not make a serious effort to come out of the present crisis by keeping their hands on the pulse of the times, then the historian will write a book of guilt for all. be Pakistan first and on the principle that Pakistan is superior to everything, maintain all the bitterness and confusion of the last ten months for the sake of the country, to get the country out of debt from China, Saudi Arabia, Emirates, Qatar and Iran. On the principles of brotherhood and friendship we should unite and ask for help for the last time and for the future we should all swear together on the arrangements to conduct the country’s affairs according to the constitution and justice of Pakistan.