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News Daily Digital Desk: Education Minister Bratya Basu recently met Governor Jagdeep Dhankhar. And then he called a meeting of the vice-chancellors of every university in the state. The meeting is scheduled for May 19. The current situation of all the universities can be discussed. Besides, there is a possibility of talking about central education policy in the meeting.

The governor summoned Education Minister Bratya Basu to the palace. Bratya went to Raj Bhavan on Friday in response to his call. He had a long talk with the governor. The education minister himself said this in a video tweet. According to sources, the two talked about the overall situation of the education system in the state.

[আরও পড়ুন: পরীক্ষা না দিয়েই চাকরি করছেন ২২২ জন, দুর্নীতিতে যুক্ত ১১, SSC মামলায় রিপোর্ট বাগ কমিটির]

Last month, the Governor was the chief guest at the convocation of The Institute of Cost Accounts of India. Standing on the stage of the program, he criticized the education system of the state. The governor regretted that he was not invited to the convocation of state universities. He is claimed to have been avoided by the Vice-Chancellors. He then directly attacked the state, saying, “I can’t sleep at night seeing the state of the education system around me. The vice-chancellors are busy forming unions. Doing all this is not a concession. We have also formed a high level committee. ” This is the first time the governor has met the education minister after expressing dissatisfaction. Today’s meeting between the Education Minister and the Governor is considered to be quite significant.

Meanwhile, Education Minister Bratya Basu will hold a meeting with the Vice-Chancellors after the Governor. He has called a meeting on May 19. The Vice-Chancellor of every university in the state has been asked to attend the meeting in person. All eyes are on what was discussed in that meeting.

[আরও পড়ুন: জেলে আত্মহত্যার চেষ্টা মামলায় নজিরবিহীন রায়, দোষী সাব্যস্ত হলেও শাস্তি পেলেন না কুণাল ঘোষ]

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