Efforts were being made to revive the girl’s corpse through tantra-mantra, then something like this happened… Pi News

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Prayagraj : A shocking case has come to light from Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh. Where an attempt was being made to revive a dead girl through tantra mantra. The police was informed about the foul smell emanating from the body. Then it came to know that the dead body was kept hidden in the house for 5 days and tantra activities were being done. Police sends dead body for post-mortem. The villagers told the police that the minor’s health was deteriorating for a long time. The family members were trying to cure him by drinking Gangajal and through tantra-mantra.
Antama Yadav, 18-year-old daughter of Abhay Raj Yadav, a resident of Diha village, died five days ago under mysterious circumstances. But they did not perform the last rites of the daughter and started chanting Tantra to bring her alive. They believed that the goddess would come and the daughter would be alive again. After smelling the dead body, the people around informed it to the police station. On reaching the spot, when the police asked to open the door, the family members opposed it. When the police opened the door of the house, the police were also blown away after seeing the rotten corpse. The villagers told the police that this family also acts like mental patients and does scuffles. At present, the police has started the investigation of the case by sending the girl’s body for post-mortem. Police say that Wood’s death will be revealed only after the PM report comes. The health of the deceased girl was deteriorating for about a month. He died in suspicious condition on June 24. The family suspected that Antima’s death was due to ghosts. In such a situation, they were trying to make him alive with exorcism and tantra mantra. The police have now admitted 11 people of this family to the hospital. Only Abhayraj and his wife Vimla are doing well. Police said that these people are completely mentally ill. Not everyone was eating the food properly. In the name of water, only Gangajal was drinking.