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Eight hours of restful sleep and closeness to nature is the key to good health

Eight hours of restful sleep and closeness to nature is the key to good health

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Thane: The lifestyle of a human being born 3 million years ago was in harmony with nature. The present lifestyle does not require human anatomy. Stay in constant touch with nature and get a good night’s sleep for eight hours a night. Health problems will not be encountered, advises Dr. Presented by Shekhar Kulkarni.

Dr. Shekhar Kulkarni explained the relationship between lifestyle and health during the sixth flowering of the 36th Rambhau Mhalgi Memorial Lecture Series. At this time, the chairman of the session, Dr. Amit Jagtap and Lecture Series Committee Chairman and MLA Sanjay Kelkar were present. Dr. Shekhar Kulkarni gave an example of human creation 3 million years ago while solving the current lifestyle of human beings and the health related problems created by it. At that time, humans used to live in caves, eat tubers, walk in the forest, hunt and return to caves when it got dark. This lifestyle had the expected human anatomy. Lifestyle evolved. At present, the human body is not ready for the lifestyle we have adopted, which is why new health problems are being created, explained Dr. Kulkarni.

Dr. Shekhar Kulkarni’s advice

Agriculture was invented 10,000 years ago and man started living in one place, in groups. This was an important stage in the evolution of lifestyle. Dr. Kulkarni also said that since then, human diet has changed, habits have changed, lifestyle has changed, and nutrition problems have started in the human body as a whole. Criticized teeth have not been found in human skulls found thousands of years ago, but now everyone is facing dental problems, he said, criticizing the current eating habits.

Dr. Kulkarni emphasized the importance of sleep for maintaining good health. Man needs eight hours of quiet and pure sleep at night. Drinks like coffee and light are the factors that cause insomnia. It should be dark while sleeping. Where there is artificial light, breast cancer is more likely. This disorder is more common in women who work night shifts. If you can’t sleep, don’t take medicines immediately, it will ruin your health even more. Schedule a day’s sleep. If you can’t sleep at night, take a hot bath. The heat goes out and the body temperature drops and you can get a good night’s sleep. He also gave simple instructions like don’t disturb sleep, don’t make a fuss.

Avoid drugs

If there is a fever, let it come. Fever occurs as the body’s immune cells fight disease cells. Do not take medication to get rid of it immediately. Do not take medication immediately even if there is some pain. Only take medication if the condition worsens. Antibiotics cause harm to the body.

Don’t let stress increase, make friends with nature, have humor, have faith in something. I have seen people healed by faith, said Dr. Kulkarni said. Understand body language, recognize signs of illness. If checked in time, the disease will not get out of hand. Don’t sit in a chair too long. Sitting on a chair is as dangerous as smoking. Walk barefoot as time allows, get close to nature, adopt such simple methods to maintain health, Dr. Kulkarni also advised.

Source – Thane Vaibhav

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