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The masculine climax, a perpetual obsession for men from adolescence to old age, is described by them in such lyrical, poetic, and respectful ways. Here are a few:


A pretty phrase usually reserved for the point at which meat passes from its edibility, but it’s also used in the love industry. “We’re trying for a baby, so I’m going to bring it up again.”

Biscuit puff

It is unfathomable that these attractive words are not used in more temptations. “May I tempt you with champagne on the balcony as a prelude to blowing biscuits over you?”


It was famously used by the classic scholar, prime minister and great lover Boris Johnson, who said wasted public money had been ‘pushed up the wall’. If only he had done it more himself.


In English nod, in American English male peak. She knew then, from the strange expression on her face, that she adored him so much, that he was breaking out.

Shoot a single filling

How wonderful to feel that you are the lucky recipient of such a knockout. How blessed it is to be fired with a stuffing. No wonder women love to talk to men about sex.


Reader, I married him. And on their wedding night Mr. Rochester was so enchanted by Jane’s beauty that he gallantly rose before leaving his ass.

Throw a load

A versatile phrase that can be used during a building waste disposal in a casual setting or at a sexual conference where minds and bodies come together.


Can it really be true love if he doesn’t have it yet? Is not the moment of ejaculation the moment in which the eternal bond between the spouses is sealed? But not if, immediately afterwards, he says, “He ejaculated on me”?


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