Eknath Shinde Guwahati Radisson Hotel: Shiv Sena: Shiv Sena’s Mavla reached outside Radisson Hotel Guwahati, Eknath Shinde said… – Shiv Sena worker Sanjay Bhosle and Eknath Shinde ProIQRA News

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Guwahati: Eknath Shinde and his supporters are currently staying at the Radisson Hotel in Guwahati. With Eknath Shinde reaching first Surat and then directly to Guwahati, it has become difficult to deal with the rebel Shiv Sena MLAs. Therefore, Eknath Shinde’s objective of keeping his party’s MLAs in a safe place seemed successful to a large extent. However, some Shiv Sainiks from Satara reached Guwahati on Friday. One of them Shiv Sainik Sanjay Bhosale raised slogans outside Radisson Hotel. Assam Police has arrested him this time. It remains to be seen what action is taken against them.

At this time, Sanjay Bhosale appealed to Eknath Shinde to return to the Shiv Sena. I have come here to ask Eknath Shinde to join Shiv Sena. No matter how much pressure the central government puts on him, Shinde should not leave Shiv Sena. Sanjay Bhosale said, I am a Shiv Sainik of Balasaheb and Uddhav Sahab. Sanjay Bhosale is the Satara sub-district chief of Shiv Sena. He was accompanied by some Shiv Sena workers from Satara. In such a situation, it has to be seen whether some more Shiv Sena workers will go on strike in Guwahati like all this. In such a situation, it has to be seen what Eknath Shinde does to keep his group of MLAs safe.
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Trinamool Congress attack on Radisson Hotel

The Radisson Blu Hotel in Guwahati, where Shiv Sena MLAs of the Eknath Shinde group is staying, was attacked by local Trinamool Congress workers on Thursday. On Thursday morning, Trinamool Congress workers suddenly stormed the hotel premises. After this, the Trinamool workers raised slogans and tried to enter the Radisson Hotel.

BJP should not do politics in Maharashtra, in Assam. BJP has brought Shiv Sena MLAs here to buy and sell. There is an atmosphere of panic in many parts of Assam. Many people have died in this flood. However, the BJP government at the Center has not given any financial help to the flood victims. Trinamool Congress workers say that instead BJP has started horse market by bringing Shiv Sena MLAs from Maharashtra to Assam.