El Tri passes the test

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Mexico defeats El Salvador in the tie: 2-0

Salvadoran fans played their game – critical or not, they did – prior to the duel between their team and Mexico, corresponding to the sixth date of the octagonal final of the Concacaf towards the World Cup in Qatar 2022.

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La Selecta forgot to appear in El Cuscatlán.

With a score from central Héctor Moreno (30) and another from Raúl Jiménez (93), the Mexican team defeated El Salvador 2-0 to secure the lead in the tie with 14 points.

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Criticized for his performance on the court, Gerardo Martino remains undefeated in this elimination process. Although what is coming seems very complicated.

El Tri will have three visits in a row, two on the next FIFA date in November and one more the following year. And the ones that will play next month are wild.

First they play the leadership against the United States, a game that goes beyond points. Then comes Canada, third in the tie and dreaming of being in just its second World Cup.

And the game?

Well, as often happens in Central America, El Tri has to manage to do well on the table and in the infirmary.

Last night El Salvador filled Hirving Lozano with kicks and they were easily forgiven a red one after a criminal tackle to midfielder Luis Romo.

Mario Jacobo (48), for La Selecta and Néstor Araujo (67), for El Tri, soon went to bathe in less violent plays.

And so almost half of the tie has gone, with the three Americans heading for Qatar.

Is it enough for Mexico’s requirement? Maybe not, but the good is coming. Let El Tri be judged in November.— MIGUEL CALDERÓN LÓPEZ

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