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At a time when constitutionally and legally and in accordance with the court order, elections are to be held in two provinces at the appointed time, but it seems that the government and the relevant institutions are not fully prepared in this regard, but if it is declared that the government institutions in any case They are trying to prepare but there is a display of laziness on the part of the government while on the other hand the other difficulties presented are not possible.Election commission has requested 20 billion rupees from the government for elections in two provinces Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. According to the commission, 65 billion rupees are required for the general elections in the entire country, of which 20 billion are needed for the elections in two provinces. Meanwhile, the Finance Secretary told the Election Commission that in view of the country’s overall economic situation, it is difficult for the Finance Ministry to provide the necessary funds. 297,000 more personnel will be required from the enforcement agencies in Punjab and 56,000 in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. The Home Secretary has been instructed by the Commission to contact the Army, Rangers and other law enforcement agencies and arrange for the necessary personnel. Inform the Commission. So that the arrangements for the election can be completed. There is no doubt that in two provinces a lot of money is being spent on the by-elections for a few months, while more money will be required for the general elections later. so it seems better that instead of spending double the expenses to conduct the election and then again after a few months, that the legal space is removed in this regard. It is also against the constitution. If there is no violation, this can happen only when the political parties take a decision together and harmoniously considering the good of the country and the nation, but here the Ganga flows back and forth, as demands and courts are bypassed, where there is such a politics of fearlessness , there is no hope for the good will of the country and the nation. Who realizes that they initially put a letter of no confidence in a party and when they felt they hit the wall because of their own hasty decisions, some of the guardians also disobeyed, instead of facing the situation with courage and bravery and Instead of the fight for to pave the political path with wisdom and insight, it is sometimes indicated to be ready to talk to everyone in the name of the national interest, and one tries to connect with unrelated elements, and in failure the same is said again. Politics has been made child’s play and democracy has made to be deplorable. If the parties are wise and analyze the country’s economic and other problems, including peace and order, in light of this, a formula should be pursued in which no single party is clearly defeated, but a moderate and acceptable solution. the principle of “take something, take something, two” is adopted, then the cold-heartedness of the government institutions and the pressure on them will also cease, and the way to solve the problem will be paved in such a way that there is no double spending to implement the choice. What can be more ridiculous than this that on one hand we are dying of drinking the wine of guilt and on the other hand are not ready to take any step to save the additional expenditure of billions of rupees boycotting such a democratic process. Now the nation must stand up for the accountability of these elements, the best way is to distrust all such elements in the elections and bring forward a competent and honest leadership that at least protects the national treasury. Do not adopt the attitude of wastefulness and stubbornness and even if you cannot find a solution to the people’s problems and difficulties, then at least the pain of the country and the nation should be in their hearts and they should avoid reckless actions.