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Amravati. A campaign is being run by Mahavitaran Company against electricity thieves. In this sequence, in the campaign against electricity thieves, 36866 units of electricity worth Rs 1 lakh 29 thousand 764 were caught from electricity thieves from 3 houses. On the complaint of Assistant Engineer of Flying Squad, Sandeep Kayande, Badnera Police has started action by registering a case against Abdul Wasim, Anis Khan, Sheikh Nazim.

According to the complaint given by Sandeep Rambhau Kayande (39, Assistant Engineer) in Badnera police station, Abdul Waseem Abdul Khalid, resident of Dharam Jhandi, deliberately bypassed the meter by connecting the second black wire to the wire coming from the first electric pole of the meter of the house. thousand 321

Lakhs of 2292 units of electricity stolen. Similarly, Anis Khan Ibrahim Khan (35), a resident of Pakipura, deliberately tampered with the meter and stole 2834 units of electricity worth Rs 31 thousand 179. In the third incident, Shaikh Nazim Sheikh Majid, a resident of Shan Medicoch, Pathan Chowk, stole 3395 units of electricity worth Rs 65 thousand 264 in an unauthorized manner by connecting a second wire to the service wire of the meter of the house. The police registered a case against the three electricity thieves.

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