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Festivals serve to bring life into everyday life. Ganpati festival is one of them. As soon as Ganaraya remembers, her beautiful, graceful, graceful forms float before the eyes. When you think of sculpting, the image of male sculptors naturally comes to mind. However, in the last few years, the participation of women in making Ganesha idols has increased significantly.

Shadu clay idols have become a trend in recent times as eco-friendly Ganeshotsav. Of course, it has to be called the result of environmental protection efforts. And this is the reason why shadow clay idol making workshops are organized in many places in Maharashtra a few days before Ganeshotsav. Women are seen attending the workshop with their children. It is interesting that many women participate in such workshops and after some time of practice, make and sell Ganesha idols themselves. It has also given employment to thousands of needy women. A woman easily makes 30 to 50 idols during the festival. This makes Ganeshotsav a boom for women artistes.

Shado clay idols are in high demand. These idols can be made at home level. Thus idol makers do not even need to advertise or set up a shop. This saves on shop rent, plus customers can visit the sculptors’ homes and buy the idols themselves. Due to all these positive aspects women sculptors earn between 25 thousand to 1 lakh in this period. The income is definitely increasing every year.

Women doing domestic work got respectable employment, in the era of Corona, domestic workers lost their jobs. It was time for them to starve. Children’s education stopped. At that time, Swetha Udhav, a social activist from Akola, trained these women to make Ganpati idols. Around 50 women attended the training class with the idea of ​​learning something new instead of sitting at home. After the workshop, a housewives’ Ganpati making group was formed. Last year, the women made and sold 500 Shado clay idols. This year also their work is going on vigorously. Sri Ganesh has become a real nuisance for women who are doing housework in the era of Corona. These women got respectable employment. Deepika Deshmukh of Akola Talhara taluk has shouldered the responsibility of the family due to the illness of the self-help group Ganpati’s majapati who went to Gujarat. Deepika, who never left home, took over her husband’s bicycle shop. With great courage he started driving the chariot of the world. Meanwhile, she decided to do something for needy women like her. Home industries were started by bringing together village women. Last year, she trained self-help group women to prepare Ganapathi. This year, these women made 300 idols of Ganapati. Their Ganesha idols are in demand from the state of Gujarat.

Artist Kalpana Rao narrates the struggle of training to make idols for an eco-friendly festival. One year, he drowned Ganapati at home due to rain. The statue of Gunaria was made of plaster of Paris. So it did not dissolve in water. Very sad. Since then he decided to make a clay idol of Ganesha himself. Next year he made this idol himself. Gradually the surrounding community started demanding the idol. This is where the eco-friendly Ganpati festival movement was born. Kalpana makes and sells 50 to 60 idols herself. When the idols made by us are installed in others, they are worshiped for ten days. This happiness is satisfying. Kalpana provides free training in making clay idols to around 5000 people every year during the festival season. Schools, Colleges, Self Help Group Women, Bhajan Mandal, Bhaishi Group Women, Doctor Women also participate in the workshop.

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