Ensure rehabilitation of Supreme Court, Sindh and Federal victims, Action Committee

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Victims stand outside their homes during the Gujjar Nala operation in Karachi. Photo: Online

The Joint Action Committee for Rehabilitation of Victims of Anti-Encroachment Campaign in Karachi termed the anti-encroachment campaign as a unilateral action and demanded from the Supreme Court, Federal and Provincial Government to ensure rehabilitation of the victims.

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Arif Hassan (Urban Resource Center), Karamat Ali (Pillar), Asad Butt (Human Rights Commission), Nasir Mansoor (National Trade Union of Federation), Khawaja Altaf Advocate and Orangi. Town and Gujjar Nala victims held a press conference.

Related to the press conference Announcements The Joint Action Committee (JAC) said that it has always raised its voice for the rehabilitation of the victims evicted from Orangi Town, Gujjar Nala, Gadap Town and the circular railway from Karachi. Again, more than 14,000 families want to bring the plight.

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Members of the Joint Action Committee said that in the last few months, more than 7,000 houses were demolished on the orders of the Supreme Court, but the second part of the Supreme Court’s order, which directed the victims to be resettled with all basic facilities. Was gone but was not implemented.

The Supreme Court of Pakistan in its judgment dated June 14, 2021 had said that the resettlement of the victims is the responsibility of the Sindh government. ۔

The Joint Action Committee said that it was unfortunate that no action had been taken by the government in this regard so far.

Explaining its findings, the committee said that it was clear from the situation that the federal, provincial governments and the Karachi Metropolitan Municipality had no interest in rehabilitating the affected families in Karachi. Are disappointed

The Joint Action Committee made the following demands to the Sindh Government and the Federal Government.

1. Under the orders of the Supreme Court, the Federal and Provincial Governments should announce a workable plan for the resettlement of the victims of Circular Railway, Orangi Town Nala and Gujjar Nala.

2. The government should set up an impartial commission to review the entire process of anti-encroachment and identify the government officials under whose patronage not only the encroachments were established but also the people’s colleges were issued. The commission should also recommend action against such corrupt officials.

3. Re-survey the victims through this proposed commission so that resettlement of the real victims is possible. The list of victims that has been prepared at the moment does not include the names of many victims, while on the other hand, there are a lot of fake names.

4. According to the laws of the Government of Pakistan, resettlement or payment of compensation in case of eviction is an integral part of any project. We demand that this law be implemented.

5. A supervisory committee should be formed for resettlement which should include representatives of the victims.

6. Forcible eviction should be stopped immediately in the ancient villages of Malir and Gadap. Affected families should be resettled on priority basis. The amount of fine received from Bahria Town should be spent on the development and welfare of these goths.

The Joint Action Committee termed the anti-encroachment action as unilateral and said that it only affected the poor and middle class, adding that the court decision was protecting the influential class. Not taking action, it is against justice.

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