A Kuwaiti fashionista is in trouble after an immoral video: (I mistakenly posted it to the public)!

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The authorities in Kuwait released a Kuwaiti fascist on bail of 500 dinars (900 dollars).

The Public Prosecution charged the fascist with two charges of violating public morals and misusing the phone.

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The arrest of the accused came after she photographed girls in a public facility and commented on them with obscene words.

The fashinista published the clip on her account via (Snapchat), according to the newspaper (news) Kuwaiti.

Fascinista: By mistake!

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The accused, whose name was not mentioned, denied the two accusations, confirming in the investigations that she wanted to send the clip to a private group of her friends.

She indicated that she had posted it by mistake to all her followers, and deleted it 12 minutes after its publication.

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A few days ago, the Criminal Court in Kuwait decided to refrain from punishing a married couple for violating the penal laws and combating information technology crimes.

sex tools

At the time, the felonies ruled that they must submit a pledge of good conduct accompanied by a financial guarantee.

The arrest of the accused came after complaints to the Anti-Cybercrime Department about selling them sex tools on social media.

The couple admitted to bringing these tools and creating a private account to promote them.

Saruna and Ahmadani Almstsan?

Kuwaiti tweeters indicated that the Kuwaiti fashinista Sarah Al-Kandari, and her ex-husband Ahmed Al-Enezi, were the intended ones.

The Kuwaiti Court of Appeal had previously issued a ruling overturning the ruling issued by Sarah Al-Kandari and her ex-husband Ahmed Al-Enezi.

Sarah Al-Kandari

At that time, the court only fined them ten thousand Kuwaiti dinars.

immoral clip

He also ordered her to delete an explicit video clip on Snapchat.

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This is due to their inappropriate and immoral actions on social media.

The Kuwaiti Criminal Court had sentenced to two years in prison with a bail of 3,300 dollars to stop the execution of the sentence.

On charges of violating public morals. Against the Kuwaiti fashionista and her husband.

Installation and installation

In another context, the Kuwaiti authorities recently arrested Sarah and her ex-husband on charges of defrauding a fashion designer.

In the details, the police in the Salmiya area in Hawalli Governorate arrested Sarah and her ex-husband on charges of fraud.

She pointed out that the newly divorced duo had set up a fashion designer for 30,000 Kuwaiti dinars.

Which is equivalent to (about 100,000 US dollars).

Sarah Al-Kandari and her husband
Sarah Al-Kandari and her husband

The Kuwait Local Network confirmed that Sarah, known as (Sarona), and Ahmed, are still being held by the Salmiya police.

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