Basima Al-Awwam, a Syrian poet, draws a person on the wall and opens up about her friendship – Quraish

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be my friend

Basma Al-Awam

Basma Al-Awam
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Syrian poet

be with me..

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In every time and place

loyal companion

No matter how many days go by,

Or the time has passed

We share the paths of life,

friends for life..

We share joys and sorrows

be with me..

loyalty story,

With purity of hearts we write,

silent soul,

We paint it on the walls

And let our covenant be,


He knows no hypocrisy or envy.

experiences perpetuated,

no conditions,

No clauses, no proof


be my friend ..

A true friend, not a friend

No matter how far apart we are…

Our friendship remains a soul and an entity

nothing erases it,

And you can’t buy it at all

Peace be upon the world, a thousand peace

If you have no evidence,

and help

Wealth, don’t be weighed by a scale

And a friend…

All my disappointments increased,

I had a safety

Peace be upon the world a thousand peace

If we do not have a home,

بالصِّدقِ نبنيها ..

And weave it with heart and conscience.

The poem is for the Quraish newspaper – Culture and Literature Supplement – London

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