Before and hugs Shatha Hassoun and Saad Lamjarred in Dubai make a fuss (witness)

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Activists circulated a video on social media, showing the Iraqi singer Shatha Hassoun embracing and kissing Moroccan artist Saad Lamjarred, during the youth concert that Saad performed in Dubai, which was held at Address Dubai Marina.

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Moroccan artist Saad Lamjarred sparked widespread controversy in his first concert after the Corona pandemic, in Dubai.

Saad Lamjarred presents a party from Dubai from a swimming pool
Saad Lamjarred organized a party in Dubai from a swimming pool

Saad Lamjarred presented the party in the pool, and he performed his songs with his dance group, while the pool was filled with the mixed audience of young men and women, all in swimwear and bikini.

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The bold footage of Saad Lamjarred’s party, which is out of the ordinary, provoked widespread anger among the activists, so their comments came: (What is this corruption, I seek refuge in God? Is it possible for the Gulf countries to become so, unfortunately, by God).

Another called it a sarcastic description, and wrote: (Amphibious party). While one of the followers wrote: (I don’t know why I remembered the Titanic while it was sinking, how did you arrive in Dubai, did you attend or be mentally and morally late).

Another activist agreed with him and followed: (Where did we get pain from decadence and immoral indifference with my love for Saad Lamjarred and his songs, but the shame of what happens, wait, the next hunt is the Streptis).

Another mocked, saying: (Not if he remains imprisoned in Paris Ashraf).

An activist wrote: (Even foreigners did such a bad party.)

Another saw that what is happening are signs of the Hour, and wrote: (I swear to God the signs of the Hour are these).

“I don’t want Saad Lamjarred in Egypt.”

In another context, the Egyptians renewed their demands to refuse to receive Saad Lamjarred in their country because he was a “rapist,” as they put it.

This came after the announcement of hosting the “Sahranin” program on the ON channel, which is presented by the artist Amir Karara, which provoked the Egyptians who launched the hashtag (We do not want Saad Lamjarred in Egypt).

During the meeting, he was scheduled to talk just about his artistic career, the scenes of his entry into the field of art, and the crises he experienced on a professional and personal level.

Saad Lamjarred
Saad Lamjarred

The ON channel broadcast the promo of the Moroccan artist’s episode in two parts, and it is supposed to broadcast on Wednesday and Thursday at nine in Cairo time.

In fact, the episode was not shown on the date that was announced to coincide with the campaign, while the “et in Arab” program announced that the episode was not shown due to the celebrations of the 48th anniversary of the glorious October War victories.

The promo has been removed from the channel’s platforms, and the “Sahranin” program on social media, but it is still present on Saad Lamjarred’s Instagram account.

A group of Egyptian activists had previously launched a campaign in October last year, to prevent the Moroccan artist Saad Lamjarred’s concert in Cairo, which was scheduled to be held in December at the time, on the occasion of the two-year anniversary of the founding of the theater, on the grounds that he was “accused in 3 rape cases in the United States, France and Morocco.” .

At the time, Egyptian activists launched the hashtag #NoLamjarred, #Saad_Lamjarred, a rapist, during which they demanded the cancellation of the concert, especially since Egypt has been suffering from serial rape and harassment for some time, such as the Fairmont Hotel case, the American University harasser, and recently Antel Giza, and they saw that Saad Lamjarred was raped. Serial” international wanted, is to encourage the recurrence of these incidents.

The “Cairo Show” theater responded by deleting the concert ads, as well as deleting the event from the website dedicated to booking tickets online.

But the Moroccan artist confirmed at the time that he had no problems with anyone.

Saad Lamjarred

The Moroccan artist said during an interview with him on the “Trendeng” program: “I have no problems with anyone, and I do not have certain names in my head. I say that he fought me, but any successful artist must find someone to fight him, but who and why, I do not know.”

Lamjarred continued, during his speech: “I look forward to returning to Egypt and singing there, God willing, next time.”

He added that there were arrangements for the party, “but not everything was certain.”

He continued: “Whoever likes to jump on the wave is normal, there are no problems, we understand the issue. Even if 20 percent in Egypt or in any Arab country fights me, I have a feeling that 80 percent is with me.”

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