Claudia Llosa explores the “horrors of real life” in ‘Rescue Distance’, which competes in San Sebastián – Spain

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The Peruvian director and screenwriter Claudia Llosa explores the “horrors of real life” since “danger can be anywhere”, in the film ‘Rescue Distance / Fever dream’, an adaptation of the homonymous novel by Samantha Schewblin starring by the actresses Dolores Fonzi and María Valverde and competing in the Official Selection of the 69 San Sebastián Film Festival.

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At a press conference at the Zinemaldia, Llosa presented her film accompanied by the screenwriter and writer Samanta Schewblin; the actresses María Valverde and Dolores Fonzy; and from the film’s producers Mark Johnson and Tom Williams.

The filmmaker explained that for her this film “talks about the horrors of real life, of everyday life, everything that happens in the film is totally rooted in reality, it can happen at any time, it transcends the genre, it doesn’t. denies ».

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In this sense, he stressed that, “through the story, he manages to transcend and expand the fears so natural in parents until they enter subjectivity.” “Everything is real, but at the same time it opens up all the questions about the strange, when the relative becomes strange, something terrifying”, has influenced.

Claudia Llosa recalled that “danger can be anywhere”. Asked about the use of silences in the film’s narrative, she pointed out that there is in the work “something very sensual that ends up dragging you down to drowning, a spirit that had to be very organic, enveloping, it had to be sustained in a very specific way , very concrete ».

In this context, he has highlighted the play of the voice-over in the film as “an unconscious current” and at the same time that it “tells you where to look, where to pay attention.” “That gives it a ‘tempo’ and a tension that was very beautiful to build from the script,” he said, adding, then, that “the sound universe is very emotional and, sometimes, the words get lost in the viewer ».

The director stressed that “silences generate tension from the smallest elements.” “It is a story where very little happens but generates a sense of urgency and imminent danger that drags you,” he said.

For her part, Schewbling pointed out that for Llosa and her it was “very important to know where the viewer was standing.” “It is a bit pretentious to say that it can be done, but at least we wanted to play with that,” he said.

“We enjoy silence in that sense,” he pointed out, to emphasize that “one of the great challenges in adaptation was the voice-over”. “I wanted it to stay and for Claudia it was also immovable, but it is something dangerous in the cinema,” he confessed, insisting that both sought “to make a film with very little voice-over and a sense of constant storytelling.” “Until the montage we continued to move things from that voice-over,” he pointed out.

On how it has been to adapt a literary work to the cinema, Llosa stressed that Schewblin starring “has been as generous as it can be with such important, beautiful and urgent material.”


Thus, he has underlined the “feeling of freedom, comfort and security” that he has felt. «We began to work very rigorously. but enjoying what we discovered. It has been an impressive luck, a gift ”, he pointed out.

For his part, Schewblin has pointed out that there was “a lot of work, more than a year”, with “a first stage of opening the story, of seeing what else we could find; then one more moment of healing, taking out and taking out until only the essentials remained ».

Asked about her interpretation of the character of Amanda, Valverde has affirmed that for her it has been “a journey.” “I was a bit terrified of such a character, because of one’s own fears, you are with your emotions and everything is on the surface,” he pointed out.

In addition, he has ensured that this character “touched him a little”, but Claudia Llosa “took him there.” “He made me be brave by the hand of Dolores,” he pointed out, referring to his co-star. Finally, he stated that playing this role has been “a wonderful moment to discover other fields.”

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