From whom did the showbiz stars give expensive gifts to Sarah and Falak’s little fairy?

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Famous Pakistani showbiz couple Falak Shabbir and Sara Khan gave birth to a lovely baby girl last Friday.

Falak and Sarah have named their daughter Aliana, who has also received a lot of love from showbiz personalities and has also given gifts to this girl.

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Today we know who has given what to Aliana Falak as a gift.

Neda Yasser:

Hearing the birth of a daughter at the house of Sara Khan and Falak, Nada Yasir immediately arrived with the best gift for the little guest.

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He gave a cage of desi ghee for Sara Khan and a bottle of milk for her daughter, shoes and other children’s items which were adorned with very beautiful jewels and the price is said to be Rs. 40,000. ۔

Ayman Khan

Ayman Khan arrived at Sara Khan’s house with his daughter Amal Muneeb. They took a bottle of milk with gold tops which is said to be worth Rs 1 lakh.

Manal Khan:

Manal Khan recently went on a honeymoon after marriage. He gave beautiful shoes and a mini plum for Sarah and Falak’s little fairy which cost Rs 80,000.

یمنیٰ زیدی:

Yemeni Zaidi was currently busy with the Lux Style Awards but she sent very beautiful clothes and toys for Sara Khan’s daughter which are said to be worth around Rs 50,000.

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