Interesting video viral with Reema Khan’s husband

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Actress Reema’s husband Dr. Tariq Shehab appreciates her outward beauty as well as inward beauty.

A video of Reema Khan, who dominated the Pakistani film industry in the nineties, sitting in a car with her husband, Dr. Tariq Shehab, is social media propaganda.

Rima asks Dr. Tariq, ‘Listen, how do I look? ‘

In response, her husband, appreciating the half better, replies, “You are so good, you don’t even have to ask.”

Despite knowing the truth, Prema jokingly said, “Is he speaking out of fear of his wife?”, To which Dr. Taq further reassures him that you know I never speak wrong.

After much consolation, Rima says with satisfaction that she is really happy today.

American rain reminded Rima of Sajjad Ali

Not only Dr. Tariq, Reema is also proud to be with him. Last year, on the occasion of her wedding anniversary, Prema shared a beautiful photo and said that she is very happy and considers herself lucky. Thank God that she has a good husband, a dear son and very good friends.

Rima was married to US-based cardiologist Dr Tariq in 2010 and since then she has said goodbye to the film Nigri. Now she is seen hosting various channels. The actress has a son.

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