Qusai Khouli shocked the followers with a new face after the Texas operation! (a witness)

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Syrian artist Qusai Khouli surprised his fans, with his new look completely different from his last appearance at the Arab Satellite TV Festival and the Murex d’Or two weeks ago.

Qusai Khouli: We started the tag

And Qusai Khouli appeared from the makeup room, behind the scenes of his new series, in front of the mirror with long and fluffy black hair, a short mustache, and a very light beard.

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The Syrian artist attached the video with a comment about the series, saying: (We started the tag, God is the guardian of success).

The audience expressed their shock at Qusai’s new look, as if he rode a new head, as they put it, likening him to international actor Johnny Depp and Sylvester Stallone.

Arab Johnny Depp

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And the comments came: (When you order Johnny Depp from Ali Express).

Another agreed with him commenting: (Johnny Depp Al Arab).

Another asked: (Why are you working with your lips in such a way).

Johnny Depp
Johnny Depp

One of his followers assured him that he would feel remorse later, and wrote: (Oh, how will you regret changing your manners.. Good luck).

While one of the followers likened him to the famous Turkish chef Nusrat, and wrote: (He plays the role of Nusrat and Birch Salt).

Another noted that he was subjected to the operation of exposing the jaw, known as the Texas operation, and wrote: (The most important thing is Texas).

The Syrian artist had topped the activists’ talk on social media, because of his strange appearance at the Murex D’or ceremony in its twentieth session.

Qusai Khouli appeared at the ceremony with long hair, and tried to twist it into the shape of a ponytail, and completely changed its color from black to red-brown, leaving his mustache long in the same color.

Qusai had to go up to the stage to participate in honoring producer Sadiq Al-Sabah with the Lebanese singer Nadine Njeim, but he came late on the pretext that he had a filming.

Which made some speculate that this look is caused by the character he plays in his new series.

At the time, artistic accounts circulated a dance link that gathered Qusai Khouli with the Lebanese artist Nadine Njeim, while they were behind the scenes at the Murex D’or concert, which was held in Beirut.

The duo, Nadine Najim and Qusai Khouli, appeared in the video, dancing in perfect harmony, and Qusay approached Nadine and whispered to her something that made her laugh.

The video sparked controversy among the followers who saw that Qusai and Nadine’s closeness affected him a lot, and accused her of being behind the plastic surgeries he underwent, and the strange look that he appeared in the Murex d’Or.

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Texas process

And Qusai Khouli had already sparked widespread controversy about two months ago among his fans, after he published a new photo of him that revealed that he had undergone a plastic surgery that changed the shape of his face.

The beginning was when Qusai Khouli published Photo via his social media accounts, to advertise and promote his latest artwork.

Qusai Khouli appeared with different features after he underwent the plastic surgery of exposing the palate known as the (Texas operation) or fixing the palate.

Qusai Khouli commented on the photo: (High tension series coming soon).

The photo sparked widespread controversy among his fans, most of whom expressed their dissatisfaction with what they saw as a distortion of his features, and the comments came: (I feel this photo is a distortion of Mo Texas, God forgive me).

Most of them blamed the Lebanese artist, Nadine Njeim, because she underwent the same operation, and their last work together was in the 2020 series, so she wrote a tweet: (Nadine Njeim, look at his jaw).

And another wrote sarcastically: (This is the end of the meeting with Nadine Njeim).

Another agreed with them and wrote: (He acted with Nadine and contracted her with a disease exposing the palate).

And another described what Qusai Khouli did in his form as (sabotage) and wrote: (sabotage operations).

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Last May, Qusai Khouli obtained the golden residency in the UAE along with several other Syrian artists such as Bassam Koussa, Amal Arafa, Karis Bashar, Wael Zidan, Rana Abyad, Nazli Al-Rawas, Nassif Zaitoun, Tim Hassan, Shadi Zidan, Sahar Fawzi, Maha The Egyptian artist, Yasser Al-Azma, was granted Emirati citizenship.

Ahlam and Qusai Khouli together

In another context, Qusai Khouli recently met Emirati artist Ahlam and Kuwaiti fashionista Noha Nabil in a restaurant in Dubai.

At the time, Noha Nabil published, through the Al-Asturi feature, on her account on (Instagram), a picture that she collected with the Syrian artist and commented: (Oh, God’s forgiveness), in reference to the famous phrase that Qusai Khouli used to repeat in the 2020 series.

Noha Nabil also shared a video of Ahlam and Qusai Khouli during their conversation and commented: (It’s better than this dinner, God’s forgiveness, Umm Fahd and Qusay).

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