Rachid Khidiri Moroccan poet in another biography of lust – Quraish

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biography of the acclaimed

Rachid Al Khediri

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poet from morocco

we went out into the light

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Nothing remains here to remind us of the promise of ancient chants.

ومَاذَا بِهِ هَذَا الشَّاعِرُ المَعَاصِرُ

يَفْتَحُ ْبْواباً ويَغْلِقُ أُخْرَى

ٍهُو التَّوَهّمُ بِامْتِلاَكِ شَي

on the surface of this electronic earth or

تٍراُ يَتَمَرْآى مِثْلَ دُّوبٍ

In his first nakedness – he spawns letters to the last of the desired

A woman says from the deepest part of the wound: Leave him

unfolds in his footsteps, and says

ع .شِقٌ لِظِلِّهِ: منْ يَا تَر .ى

threw the cup on fire, and walked among the dew

يُنْثُرُ ضَوءَهُ

before the earth completes its cycle

هَي عَلاَمَاتُ كَشْفٍ, فَلْتَخُطِّي سِيرَتَهُ كَامِلَةً

As the shepherds do – that tomorrow embraces yesterday

و .نْتَ المُهَدَّدُ بِالرَّحِيلِ نَحْوَ الأَقَاصِي.

The poem is for the Quraish newspaper – Culture and Literature Supplement – London

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