Rawan bin Hussein’s comment on her kiss by Saad Lamjarred: “Normal reception and classy behavior.”

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Kuwaiti actress Rawan bin Hussein commented on her kiss of Saad Lamjarred, which sparked controversy in recent days, after a video of her with the Moroccan singer spread while they dance and exchange hugs and kisses in Dubai, while some of their fans speculated that they might be romantically linked.

But Rawan denied being romantically linked to the Moroccan singer, but stressed the strong friendship that unites them.

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She said, during a phone call to the “ET Arabic” program, that she did not respond to the spreading news, because she believes that exchanging hugs and kisses is common among artists who are friends, and said that “this behavior is classic (elegant) and the reception is normal.”

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While she indicated that she was surprised just by attending his party without arranging with him, and it seems that her presence surprised the audience as well, who started screaming and encouraging them to sing together.

She said that Lamjarred “rejoiced in me and grew up in me, and he is a friend and dear to my heart, and I love and respect him.”

It was a controversy sparked by the video of the Moroccan singer’s appearance as he received the Kuwaiti fascistista on stage and exchanged hugs and kisses with her, and then they danced in a romantic way to the tunes of the song “Yakhlik Lali”, which he ended by kissing her hand.

At the time, Rawan did not comment directly on any of the comments she received, but she shared, through the stories feature, on her official Instagram page, an excerpt from a poem by Kuwaiti poet Hamid Zaid, in which he said:

“What dictates the eyes of the envious of time is dust.. and whoever does not repent of a mistake, excuses are forbidden to him.

By God, I did not put a veil between hatred and fraternity.. until they became my quarter.

Most misfortunes come to you only from close people..and in this time, even the brother you trust, beware of him.

The friend who should not be accompanied by anything other than torment.. He vowed to me that he would not desert me, nor am I the one who deserted him.

Whoever opens a door for my people, I open twenty doors for him.

It is noteworthy that Bin Hussein was born in 1996, and her father is Kuwaiti, and her mother is Jordanian, holds Kuwaiti citizenship and resides in the United Arab Emirates at the present time. He was mentally disturbed and betrayed her.

Despite the many accusations and lawsuits of harassment and rape that are still pending against Lamjarred in French courts, the Moroccan artist enjoys a special status with the ruling family in the Emirates, and he repeats her visit to hold concerts there.

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