The death of Adel Imam is causing a sensation in Egypt… A repeat rumor or a reality this time?

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Social networking sites in Egypt caught fire with the spread of rumors about the death of the Egyptian artist, Adel Imam, so that this news caused widespread controversy among the Egyptians.

Adel Imam’s death is a rumor published by a fake account

According to the newspaper,today’s newsThe artist, Mounir Makram, a member of the Syndicate of Representative Professions, denied the rumors about the death of the leader Imam.

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Makram said, in press statements, that what was reported about the death of Adel Imam is an unfounded rumor, and that a fake account via “Facebook” conveyed the news of the death of the great artist, and a number of social media pioneers transmitted it without verifying the truth and authenticity of the news.

He added, that the Representative Professions Syndicate calls upon everyone not to be drawn into rumors circulating through social media and to be wary of the many rumors that are being circulated.

The health status of Adel Imam

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Producer Issam Imam, brother of the great artist, Adel Imam, had previously revealed details of his brother’s health condition after rumors of his infection with the Corona virus, and his upcoming work.

Adel Imam’s brother said on the “Ninth” program on the Egyptian TV screen, that the artist Adel was not infected with the Corona virus, “there is no need for this… the leader is in good health, and we finished our vacation in the coast, and we are currently in Cairo.”

He continued, that the artist, Adel Imam, began reading a number of scenarios of artwork, “he began to read a few needs, and the most important thing is to come back again, he must have a sweet topic and the paper is sweet, and in such a topic he reads them, and may God facilitate.”

He explained: “We reassure all viewers, whether here or in the Arab countries… I come to phones from everywhere in the world to reassure them, please from journalists, there is no objection to them writing, but investigating the news, if someone hears something like this, he speaks to the stakeholders, and this is not the first Once and I know what is meant by it.

He added, that the leader has not yet been chosen for the new work, but there is more than one topic he reads, and the next return is a dramatic work.

Adel Imam “Valentino”

It is mentioned that the last artistic work of leader Adel Imam in the drama was the series “Valentino”, which was shown in Ramadan 2020, in which he participated with the late artist Dalal Abdel Aziz and Dalia Al-Behairy. And Muhammad Al-Kilani, Hamdi Al-Mirghani, Tariq Al-Abyari, Hoda Al-Mufti, Rania Mahmoud Yassin, Wafaa Sadiq and a number of other artists. It was written by Ayman Bahjat Qamar and directed by Ramy Imam.

And from time to time rumors circulate about the health of the leader.

Adel Imam breaks his silence

In a previous television intervention, the great artist, Adel Imam, reassured his fans and fans of his health, after hesitation. Sons reported the deterioration of his health on some news websites, saying: “It is a very normal cold, and there is no need, why do I want me to die?

To the media, Amr Adib, replied: “No, of course, you are a great artist. We have Kamal Adel Imam.”

Adel added, during a phone call to the Hekaya program, presented by the media, Amr Adib, that he is at his home. He reads newspapers and does crossword puzzles.

The fact that Adel Imam was infected with Corona
The fact that Adel Imam was infected with Corona

Imam concluded his talk with the media, Amr Adib, after asking him to send a message to the Egyptian people, in which he said. “Oh, Lord, keep you away from all harm, and your hearts are always tolerant, loving and beautiful.”

And the leader, Adel Imam, had previously issued, during the past few days, the search index, on the famous search site “Google”. After rumors circulated that the artist was isolated in his villa on the northern coast.

The truth about Adel Imam’s retirement

Rumors always haunt the leader, most recently after his son, director Rami Imam, opened his new restaurant in the village of Hacienda on the North Coast.

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Some linked Rami Imam’s approach to this project with his father’s illness and his retirement, and the news of the (leader) infection with the new (Corona) virus returned to the fore again.

But a source close to the leader denied at the time all rumors about his retirement and infection with the Corona virus, expressing his surprise at the link. Between his son Ramy’s opening of a new restaurant on the North Coast, and the frequent news about the imam’s retirement due to his health conditions.

The source confirmed, according to what was reported by (My Lady) magazine, that the great Egyptian artist received several ideas to return to the Ramadan drama season, but he has not decided his position so far.

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