(Watch) Bahraini skilled with a bold look in the Maldives

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The Bahraini artist, Al-Mahra, shared with her fans pictures from her trip to the Maldives in the Indian Ocean.

Private jet and cashmere

And via her account on (Instagram)The Bahraini Mahra appeared in tight sportswear, a hat and sneakers, standing next to a private plane.

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Al-Mahra published videos and pictures of one of the islands there, commenting: (Kandima is one of the largest islands in the Maldives with 3000 kilowatts, and the one who made me cooperate with them has over 250 villas suitable for families, children, married couples and all groups in it, and they support more activities than the other islands).

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Then she showed off her summer look on the island of Kandima, wearing a short dress above the knee, resembling a cashmere swimsuit, and what is remarkable is that the skilled was keen to close the comment feature on all photos and videos.

The Bahraini artist had previously shown her femininity a few weeks ago in an advertisement for the famous Italian fashion house Prada.

Al-Mahra published a set of pictures of her in a short gray dress of nets, and left her hair wavy and fell over her shoulder, and adopted light make-up, and the photo was taken next to a luxury car.

Leggings and a luxury car!

Recently, the Bahraini skilled wore tight sports pants (leggings) or (leggings).

Al-Mahra appeared in a group of photos that she posted on her official account on (Instagram), wearing a raspberry-coloured legging, with a wide sports T-shirt, and sitting in a luxury car.

Al-Mahra adopted the raised hairstyle, put on sunglasses, and closed the comments in the face of her more than one million followers, and contented herself with placing an alert in favor of the sportswear company that was announced to her.

The strange thing is that the Bahraini skilled came to delete the photos, which she did a few days before, when she posted several videos on her Instagram account, showing off her body, in different dresses, which she later deleted.

Temptation and petting in front of the camera!

The Bahraini Mahra appeared in videos that she herself posted on Instagram, weeks before, while she boldly wore dresses resembling nightgowns.

The skilled poses in front of the camera, or comes out from behind a curtain, and performs suggestive and tempting movements to display the clothes in a bold way.

Bahraini Mahra Jewelery

Al-Mahra had previously reviewed her femininity in a controversial way, in an advertisement for a jewelry brand weeks ago.

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At the time, Al-Mahra published a set of photos through its official account on (Instagram), during which she appeared in a white dress without sleeves, and with a V-slit in the chest area.

In another similar look, the Mahra wore a white T-shirt attached to her body, and covered part of it with a transparent shirt.

The skilled focused the pictures on her hands and chest in a (zoom) manner to display the jewelry that was announced to her, and left the comments feature closed as usual.

Controversy over the nationality of the Bahraini preacher

In another context, despite the keenness of the skilled artist to conceal the identity of her fiancé, the Kuwaiti media, Mai Al-Aidan, revealed his picture for the first time.

Mai Al-Aidan published a picture of the Bahraini skilled sitting in a restaurant with a young man showing the back of his body without his face, and another picture that clearly revealed his face.

May Al-Aidan did not reveal more information about the identity of the Bahraini preacher, but activists began to disclose the information.

Some of them said that the preacher of the Bahraini skilled is called Yousef, and that he is of Iraqi nationality and separated from his wife and lives in London, while others claimed that he is from the “Bidoon” category, and some of them went to be Saudi or Qatari.

Bahraini Mahra: This photo is fake

The Bahraini skilled had previously settled rumors of her engagement to Saudi businessman Sultan bin Abdul Latif, husband of the Emirati artist, Balqis Fathi of Yemeni origin.

The Bahraini artist said in a video via “Snapchat” that she did not know Sultan and did not meet him, and that the photo that spread of her with a person whose back only appears to the camera, was fabricated.

She added, “I was late in responding because of my sensitivity to the issue and to my friend Balqis.”

And she continued, “I am far from problems and have been put in a very embarrassing situation. It is not easy for me to go out and deny that I am married to my friend’s husband.”

“I have never seen Balqis’ husband in my life.”

She explained, “Imagine that I came to justify something to you that I did not do, but when I saw that the topic was long and took more than its size, I was really hurt.”

The Bahraini skilled spoke about Sultan Abdul Latif, saying: “In terms of the artist’s husband, Belqis, I do not know him and have not seen him in my life, not even by chance, and I do not know why this accusation.

The Bahraini Mahra concluded her speech by saying: “Believe me, I am neither married nor married to Belqis’ man, nor is he my fiancé and I do not know him.”

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