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Entire families would be infected in Progreso

Entire families would be infected in Progreso

Closure of beaches, “unnecessary”

PROGRESO.– In this city and the police stations there are many Covid-19 infections, there are even entire families sick with the omicron variant, which is very contagious, which has led to a high demand for tests every day in laboratories.

Most of those who become infected are inhabitants who have not been vaccinated, there are minors and young people, and the incidence in adults over 60 years of age is very low, most of whom already have the booster vaccine, points out Dr. Joaquín Cruz Muñoz, president of the Medical Society of Progress.

Every day, says the doctor, long lines of inhabitants form in the city’s laboratories to take the Covid-19 test and positive cases are also recorded every day, although not all are reported to the health authorities, so that in the opinion of Dr. Cruz Muñoz, what is officially disclosed may be two or three times more the number of infected.

The president of the Medical Society of Progress explains that the cases that are occurring are of the omicron variant, which is highly contagious but less lethal than the Delta. It causes sore throat, head and back, runny nose, which is treated with decongestant and anti-inflammatory drugs, antibiotics are not required.

The important thing when a person has symptoms, he adds, in addition to the test, is to be isolated for between seven and 10 days, rest, a healthy diet, food counts a lot and not leave the house to avoid more infections.

Dr. Cruz Muñoz indicates that Covid-19 is hitting the port hard, there are high cases of the omicron variant, which is causing absenteeism in companies, there are bank branches closed, he considers that workers who have Social Security should be disabled to justify your absence from work.

Finally, he mentioned that it is not considered necessary to close the beaches, highlighting the importance of maintaining a healthy distance, frequent hand washing, using antibacterial gel and face masks.

Yesterday Friday, according to the official report of the Yucatan Ministry of Health, of the 532 cases of Covid registered in the state, 70 correspond to this city, which is the highest number since the pandemic appeared, it exceeded the figure last Tuesday that was 62 infections.—


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